An Alternative Travel Packing list to Travel Responsibly

The flourishing tourism industry has recently become a matter of concern. When we are on the move, we tend to prefer more of one-time use items for our comfort. The result of the same can be seen on the mountains filled with the filth left by the tourists, rivers flooding off the waste thrown into it and the sea creatures unknowingly eating off the plastic dumped into the oceans. Few of the best travel destinations are recently suffering with the ever piling waste left mostly by the tourists.  It is never too late to think about the Mother Nature and alter our lifestyle. Here is an alternative travel packing list for your next journey which will make you feel less guilty.

Steel or Bamboo Straws              

Ever imagined what all chemicals are used to make those cheap plastic straws that go straight in your mouth? Most of these straws have bacteria and fungus growing inside them. These straws are not just the environmental problem but may also prove to be a health hazard. This little item is enough to make it a permanent part of the oceans that create problems in acquatic world.

Thus, by going back to our roots we must adopt bamboo and steel straws which are not only hygienic but also ensures zero harm to nature. A set of straw and a cleaner should be at the top of your travel packing list for India and abroad.

One-time Use Biodegradable Spoons and Forks

With a recent revolution in the eco-friendly products, biodegradable spoons and forks are now topping the travel packing list of all travellers. With the awareness about the harmful effects of eating with low quality plastic spoons, people are now opting for safer options and so should you. Keep a packet of wooden spoons in your suitcase and carry a few in a pouch inside your vanity bag. This way, your spoons are handy to use at any pit-stop during your journey.

Reusable Food Containers

It so happens that during a long journey where you can’t take much of a meal break or have to stop any a place that serves in plastic/thermocol containers, the lunchboxes come handy. You can pack some dry snack in these boxes to save on space and then use it for a take-away meal. Thus, pack your box now to avoid consuming melted plastic along with that piping hot food.

Foldable Carry Bags

However hard we try not to shop anything to add to the already heavy luggage, some pretty souvenirs or cloths always steal our heart. And at that point, rather than buying those plastic bags that look like a cloth bag, you must take out that folded cloth bag from your vanity bag. This doesn’t only save you on a few bucks on every purchase but also helps you to stop adding more to the already piling garbage.

Water Bottle & Water Purifying Tablets

Before you think that the packaged water that you buy at most places is safe, let’s get clear of the fact that it is nothing but normal tap water with added flavour and purifying chemicals. And that’s exactly the reason why many of these bottled water brands taste bitter or unusual.

Hence, to be on a safer side you must carry a metal water bottle that can be refilled with boiled or RO water at your hotel or at any restaurants on the way. If you are filling the natural or raw water while trekking then it would be good to buy some medical grade purifying tablets that ensures your health safety. The tablets are easily available at any pharmacy in almost all cities.

Bamboo Toothbrush and Tooth Powder

This is something you must switch to even in your daily life. During our travel and stay at luxury hotels, we mostly rely on the complimentary plastic toothbrush and paste provided by them. With thousands of tourists flocking every year, it comes up to a pile of plastic waste that hardly reaches a recycling plant. And thus, you must carry your own bamboo toothbrush and if possible even the tooth powder to avoid polluting those natural streams with toothpaste chemicals that eventually land up at your home. Moreover, did you know your toothpaste case isn’t recyclable in most recycling plants?

Eco-friendly Bodywash and Shampoos

Of course, we are all fascinated with those liquids containing flashy plastic granules that is supposed scrub our skin and then permanently clog the pipelines and then eventually land up as plastic microns in our oceans. These and some other plastic microns are also now an inseparable part of the sea salt that you consume daily. Hence, let’s be responsible and choose our washing products wisely to save our favourite travel destinations from being a major source of pollution.

If you are thinking of relying on those shampoo sachets well then they are meant to go just in to dump yards. So better carry some small bottles eco-friendly shampoo that doesn’t even pollute the water permanently.

Plastic-free Menstrual Hygiene Products

These is for all humans with uterus, it’s nowadays too easy to get plastic free sanitary pads from end number of websites anywhere in the world.  The most comfortable option from traveling is definite a menstrual cup which ensures completely stain-proof days. The most relaxing part is that you don’t have to refrain from swimming or diving into the sea for that matter. So girls, add these products right away on your travel packing list and start shopping for a stress free journey.

What are you waiting for, all that you need for a responsible travel is listed right here. Pack your bags and join us to world’s best travel destinations.