Most Underrated Beaches in IndiaAlong the 7,516 km long coastal line of India, we unknowingly choose only a few of the most famous beach destinations forgetting about the scope of better beaches. Most Indians and foreigners would choose only the best beaches on the western coast of India. However, there are a number of beautiful beaches in India which are totally underrated despite their enchanting beauty and soothing serenity. Here is the list of some the underrated Beaches in India.

Maravanthe Beach, Karnataka

For the locals of Karnataka, this beach is a gem of the state but for most people around the country, Gokarna is the end of beach surfing. Located at a few kilometers of distance from Gokarna towards Mangalore, this special beach runs along a fresh water river. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it the wonder of nature. The fresh green water of the river and the foamy sea waves meeting at the thin line of land is a not-to-be-missed dramatic view on your journey to the Coastal Karnataka.

Betalbatim and Velsao Beach, Goa

From the famous north Goan beaches to some of the popular ones in the south are always flocked by the tourists are developed into beach market. The beauty and serenity are now left only at not so popular beaches like Betalbatim and Velsao. The best part about these beaches is their proximity to little Goan villages that offer you an untouched Goan culture and lifestyle. If you wish to escape the crowd then hey, you have found your perfect destination in South Goa.

Mararikulam Beach, Kerala

This sandy beach flanked by the coconut trees would surely remind you of Asia’s most beautiful Radhanagar Beach. The shacks, huts and the luxury resorts make it all the more beautiful. Though most tourists in Kerala like to stick to Varkala and Kochi, Mararikulam has secretly stepped into the ‘most-favourite’ list of many who have witnessed its beauty. Thus, for a beach side Kerala, you must include Mararikulam in your Kerala itinerary.

Mandarmani , West Bengal

Many people outside Bengal would have hardly heard of this hidden gem of the state. This beach, carpeted with white sand, is no different from any of the wild, exquisite beaches of Thailand. Fishermen’s boats anchored with the backdrop of tall coconut trees and the red crabs flocking around sums up the beauty of this beach village of Mandarmani .

Diveager Beach, Maharashtra

Overlooked by the hills of Raigadh, Diveager beach is located on the way to Goa from Mumbai.  The surrounding silhouette of hills, green patches and the fishermen’s boats make this beach a scenic spot. Most travellers plan to pass by Diveager village beach for the sandy shore spread for kilometers is a blessing during a long journey. This beach has also become the bikers’ favourite for the same reason.

Chandipur Beach, Orissa

This special beach is famous for its ‘vanishing phenomenon’ wherein the sea disappears for a few hours. This paves way for the marine life lovers to take a peek into the life of the creatures that stayed behind in shallow waters on the beach.  You can also enjoy various water sports and then enjoy some delicious local seafood. The missile testing site of DRDO is located right on this beach, so on a day of testing this beach becomes an arena to watch the spectacular view.

Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Vizag or Vishakhapattanam in Andhra Pradesh has somehow never made to the most popular destinations in India despite its crystal clear beaches with awe-inspiring views. The Yarada beach is one such spot that lets you soak in the winter sun peacefully without much of the hustle-bustle of a normal beach situation.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

A secluded beach, presenting a dramatic vista of panoramic landscapes, is located around 8 km away from Pondicherry. Proving true to its name Paradise beach attracts a number of tourists every year. The travellers’ accounts are the proofs of this place being the best for beach sports or some leisure time under the flickering sunshine near the palm grooves. There is also a beach side bar to set you up for a lazy evening.

Kala Patthar Beach, Andaman

Located not so far from the most celebrated Radhanagar beach, Kala Patthar doesn’t get the much needed limelight. There is much more to this sandy beach which is often missed by the tourists to pay just a short visit to this unexplored beauty. Beyond the shadowy viewpoints and sparkling white sands lays a little paradise for adventure lovers. The black rocks or the sea cliff after which this beach has been named has recently become popular among the trekkers who climb over it for the never-seen-before view of the Havelock island.

Inspired to hop on these beaches of India? Well, then plan your journey now.