10 Instaworthy Spots in South East Asia

Instagram has hugely turned out to be a platform to set your travel goals. The travel albums and journals are now replaced by the Instagallery. And it should not at all be a clichéd thing to travel just to compile a modern version of travel journal called Instagram. A trip to South East Asia would provide you with an opportunity to visit all those dreamy Insta pictures in reality. Here is a list of some of the most instagrammable places in South East Asia.


Ha Long Bay – Vietnam 


This UNESCO natural world heritage site in Vietnam has also been featured in many movies. With emerald waters flanked by towering rock islands, this place looks perfectly instaworthy. These islands with jaw-dropping views can be reached only by cruising through it. Halong Bay, in the local language, means the ‘descending dragons’. Proving true to its name, the scenery looks quite similar to the dragons flying over the bay. Its evergreen biosystem attracts thousands of tourists every day. The cruise services extend from a day to a full week of cruising to the famous islands in Halong Bay. The luxury cruises take care of all your requirements while you enjoy this natural wonder. The islands habited by tropical rain forests are also visited for the mysterious caves. Hang Dau Go caves in this area are the most famous of all.


Ubud – Bali


Every corner of this Indonesian town is an insta frame. The never-ending view of paddy fields dotted with Balinese Hindu temples look like a creation of some artists. Ubud Palace and Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave become perfect architectural background. The dancing apsaras, add to the heavenly feeling that the town of Ubud gives. The craft markets of Ubud are also filled with Balinese creations and the colourful pieces can artistically fit into your insta gallery.


Bagan – Myanmar 


The grassy land of Myanmar dotted by conical stupas and Buddhist temples look captivating with the backdrop of hills wrapped in clouds. On a winter morning, the view of Bagan temples looks magically amazing as it wraps itself into a blanket of mist. And the balloons hovering over this majestic scenery just make it perfectly instaworthy. You can also enjoy a Hot air balloon ride over the town of Bagan and watch the perfect set up of temples from bird’s eye view. A boat ride on Irrawaddy River during sunset also gives you some vibrant pictures for your gallery. Day trip to Mount Popa and the guided tour of the temples of Bagan are among the other things to do in Bagan.


Wat Rong Khun – Thailand


The white temple, as it is famously known, reflecting itself on the waters of the artificial lake surrounding it, lures thousands of Instagrammers. It’s not the grandeur of this temple that enchants people, but its artistic creation in its every single element. Located around 13 km away from the city of Chiang Rai, this temple has a fairytale-like entrance through a bridge. Finely carved sculptures and intricate carvings on its pillars is a sight to gaze at and admire for hours. The amalgamation of modern sculptures like that of the Terminator and Wolverine is quite fascinating too. While the beauty of the main temple creates a pleasant feeling, the spooky hands and skeletons reaching out from the lake keep you aware of the futility of the worldly pleasures.


Pura Luhur Lempuyang – Bali


This ‘Gate to Heaven’ located in Bali needs a special mention. The two pillared structure at this Balinese Hindu Temple actually has the power to make hundreds of people stand patiently in a queue for just one picture. Luhur Lempuyang Mountain is much venerated as natural heaven. Besides being a famous attraction in Thailand, it is also an ancient sacred architecture. Based on Balinese cosmology the whole mountain was divided into three parts and each of them was dedicated to the creator-Brahma, the protector – Vishnu and the destroyer – Shiva. All these attractions in Bali have made it the world’s most famous travel destination.


Cau Vang – Vietnam Golden Bridge 


This 150-meter long bridge at the Ba Na Hills Resort has recently become the cynosure of Instagrammers’ eyes. The magnificent view from this bridge held by two gigantic stone hands attracts many visitors throughout the year. The bridge is ring-shaped and thus eventually connects the other end. The resort is basically an amusement park and the bridge is reachable only by riding the cable car from the base of the hill. Surprisingly, the cable car is another man-made wonder. It is the world’s longest cable car leading to the Vietnam Golden Bridge.


Plain of Jars – Laos


This archaeological landscape in the not so famous South Asian country of Laos, is filled with historic wonders. The Xieng Khouang plateau, on which the large stone jars are scattered, is a grassy upland surrounded by a few hills in its vicinity. There is not just one but many grounds filled with the stone jars dating back to the Iron Age. They are supposed to have been used for the storage purpose which marked human’s development from hunters to farmers and gatherers. The Plain of Jars looks utmost beautiful post-monsoon.


High Swing at Ubud Rice Terrace – Bali 


The brand new tourism activity of swinging over the lush green fields is quickly kicking up thanks to the Instagrammers. Apart from being an instaworthy activity in Ubud, it is an enthralling experience wherein you are swinging on some of the world’s highest swings without any belts or chains around you. Of course, it is not for the faint hearted. These swings are also popular as ‘the swings at the end of the world’. While on your South East Asia Tip, you must try these pretty swings and conquer your fears.


Koh Tao View Point – Thailand 


One of the most picturesque islands of Thailand is more famous for its hikes to the viewpoint. A few of the most famous viewpoints at Koh Tao island includes John Suwan Viewpoint, West Coast, Love Koh Tao, Mango Viewpoint and Koh Nangyuan viewpoint. You can surely project your photography skills with different compositions of the captivating views of the island. The tourists must take a ferry to this island and also, most of the trip planners include it in the Thailand trip itinerary.


Old Town Street, Ipoh – Malaysia 


Malaysia, a country that is famous for its modern buildings and creations, has a colourful side in its old town of Ipoh. The murals on the walls of its streets have become more like frames or backdrops for the pretty poses. Apart from just clicking and posing, a guided tour to this art town would also quench your thirst for knowledge about this town.