North East is Calling Best Places to Visit in 7 Sisters States22

The bright azure sky dotted by fluffy clouds, trails carpeted by orchids, valleys crafted by the tumbling Himalayan rivers and the forests flanked by the wild, the ravishing beauty of North East can’t just be described in words. The tribal lands perched in the lap of the Shivalik Range are the mighty gateway of the Sun to the Indian land. These must-visit places in North East India would tell you why exactly this Himalayan region is a heaven. A week-long road trip in the North East of India with your travel gang or family is an excellent summer holiday idea.

Sohra in Meghalaya

Sohra or Cherra, a North East town, is popular for its highest rainfall and turns into a tourist hotspot post-monsoon. The surrounding Khasi hills are clad in fresh green bushes. The clouds lingering over the hills appear to be the magical carpets of the gods. This heavenly abode must be visited also for its  living-root bridges. This is a prolific art practiced by the tribes wherein they weave the roots of a rubber tree without cutting it from its main trunk. These woven roots eventually connect the two lands. It is famously called the ‘living-root bridges’. The Double-decker Bridge at Nongriat village is the most frequented one but trekking to the other bridges in the region is also a thrilling adventure.

This town, receiving the highest rainfall, also provides some majestic views of the cascading waterfalls. With Nohkalikai Falls being the most spectacular one, the tourists can also extend their exploration to Nohsngithiang Falls, Kynrem Falls, Wah Kaba Falls and the Rainbow Falls.

A Floating Island of Majuli, Assam

Majuli, the largest River Island in the world, can definitely be classified as one of the natural wonders in India. This illusionary lake, formed on River Brahmaputra, seems to be a set of little grassy islands floating on water. The only way to reach this unique island is to take a ferry from Jorhat town. A day by the Majuli Island staying in the traditional tribal bamboo huts is an incredible experience. The rich culture of Majuli is also being preserved through the means of tourism. The interesting tribal craft, Assamese handlooms and the craft of mask making are truly the best experiences for the culture lovers. The masks made of paper and clay, painted in bright colors, are famous all over the world. However, the Hindu monasteries that are preserving the art and culture of the region would be an enchanting place to experience the cultural essence of Majuli.

Dzukou Valley of Nagaland

The giant waves of the grassy hills in the faraway land of this valley, is a panoramic vista with its breathtaking views. A hike in monsoon season for the blooming flowers of the valley is a must-have experience. The valley looks spectacular post-monsoon till late September. Jhakhama, a little village near Kohima is the gateway to these majestic hills. Dzukou Valley lies quite near the border of Manipur in the state of Nagaland. Besides the pretty views of the valley, you can also explore the little hamlets inhabited by the ancient tribes.

Architectural Heritage of Unakoti in Tripura

The forest surrounding the rocky hills of Unakoti hides a legend in its gigantic sculptures. The main sculpture is that of Unakotishwara, while the other interesting part is the adjoining sculpture of his consort sitting on a lion. Other sculptures in this archaeological site are also equally intriguing. As per the folktale, a Shiva devotee named Kalu Kumhar, who wished to join the entourage of Lord Shiva, chiseled them out overnight. The condition put forth by Goddess Parvati was to make a crore of sculptures in one night. However, Kalu Kumhar could complete only 99,99,999 and could sadly not join Lord Shiva to Kailash. This number also explains the name ‘Una Koti’ which is the word used for the numbers.

The Crystal Clear Waters of Dawki

Green waters of Dawki’s Umngot River can literally blow your mind with its illusionary quality of creating a transparent layer that makes the boat appear floating in the air. The clear waters of Dawki are also an impeccable choice for underwater diving. Winters and sunshine make the pure Dawki waters glow green. A short hike to the hills on its bank gives a phenomenal view of the lingering river. A bridge built on this river is a tourist attraction too. The town of Dawki lies near Bangladesh Border and is a trade link between the two countries. This gem is totally one of the best must-visit places in North East India.

Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh

The onset of spring in the month of April brings the most colorful blossoms and the travelers from around the world to this exotic Valley. The high passes and peaks connected to the Valley witnesses the fresh snow till the end of May. This makes the state of Arunachal one of the best summer destinations for snow lovers. On the other hand, the blooming of orchid forests and orchards in Ziro Valley calls for celebrations. From traditional festivals to the modern Ziro Music festival, every kind of travelers has something in store here. In a special mention, Ziro valley is enriched with fresh harvest of kiwis, cherries, mud apples, peach and plums in the month of September. The local wine made-up of these special fruits is not just an alcoholic drink but a healing potion for your soul.

Gurudongmar Lake , Sikkim

This holy lake where the Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus travel for a divine experience is an absolute treat to the eyes at an altitude of 5,183 meters. The frozen winter lake turns into a charismatic beauty. It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava who is much venerated in Tibetan Buddhism had passed by this auspicious lake and so did the Sikh Guru during his spiritual journey across India. If you have ever been fascinated by the gorgeous beauty of Tibetan Himalayas then Gurudongmar Lake and other parts of north Sikkim resemble the beautiful Tibetan plateau. The high altitude land is dry with sparse vegetation and population but the colorful prayer flags and monasteries makeup for the bland barrenness.

Plan you dream road trip to the North East and travel these must-visit places through our itinerary.