The state which has it all for the travellers, trekkers and pilgrims, is also one of India’s best states catering tourism industry. From the ruins of Hampi and Badami to the surreal vistas of Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka is meant for almost every kind of traveller. Here is a specially created list of the best places to visit in Karnataka beyond the clichéd Mysore and Coorg.

Go Beach Hopping at Gokarna

Gokarna surprises its visitors with its sprawling beaches, sizzling sunsets and the camping grounds under the night sky studded with stars. Besides its connection with the mythology that calls it the Kashi of South, Gokarna is a hippie paradise that offers secluded beaches and a variety of options in water sports. Banana boat rides, surfing, parasailing, speed boating and beach motor riding are some of the most thrilling water sports experience. In fact, to tame the adventurous spirit in you, you can also opt to learn to ride on the waves. These surfing lessons can also be tried by even beginners who plan to learn basic skills.

Beach trekking from Gokarna to Paradise beach is another thrilling activity. Traversing the hills that look over the horizon beyond the Arabian Sea is a not so difficult trekking venture in Gokarna. On the other hand, the beach cafes like Surya, Mantra and Sunset cafe complete your trip with the lip-smacking food.

Dig into the Pages of Past at Hampi

The ancient temples, market structures and royal complexes undoubtedly make Hampi a history lover’s paradise. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be right to classify Hampi exclusively for history buffs. The newfound adventures of heritage trekking and bouldering helped Hampi make its debut on the map of adventure destinations in India. Apart from this, sailing on traditional coracles at Sanapur Lake, exploring the ancient village of Annegude, climbing to the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and exploring the green fields surrounding the village are some of the must-do interesting things in Hampi.

The hippie island on the other bank of the Tungabhadra River in Hampi is famous for the parties in the wild. The jungle stays and cafes with astounding sceneries have also turned out to be popular among youngsters. For the foodie souls, the Mango Tree Café of Hampi serves some exotic varieties.

Roaring Waterfalls of Karnataka

The highest waterfalls in Karnataka, Jog Falls, are world-famous for creating cascades of the roaring white falls. A plight of 1400 steps from the hills takes you to the base where you can get drenched in the foggy showers of the falls. Jog Falls has recently been more famous for its water sports and night camps. The burble of falls and the sweet music of the birds together create the best of nature’s sound.

Shivanasamudra and Barachukki Falls are also a sight to admire during or right after monsoons.  These falls are just a day trip away from Bangalore and Mysore. Hebbe Falls, Vibhuti Falls, Sathodi Falls, Magod Falls, Gokak Falls and Hoggenakal Falls are best to be combined on your trips to North Karnataka or South Karnataka. Contact us for an itinerary that covers the best of the places to visit in Karnataka.

Get Adventurous in the Western Ghats

Karnataka is blessed with a fertile plain of Kaveri on a side and the western coast is crowned by the Western Ghats. The rich flora and fauna of the hills have paved the way to unusual trails of snakes spotting, bird watching and wild insects chasing. Moreover, the trekking trails of Kumara Parvat, Kudremukh, Kodachadri, Skandgiri and Makalidurga satisfy your wanderlust. Nigh camping in the forests of Western Ghats of Karnataka, after a tedious hike, can really heal your tiredness with the gentle breeze and majestic views.

For those who are not so keen about trekking but still loves camping in the wild, these hills have an abundance of campsites too. Book a pleasant stay in the camps of Karnataka amidst nature. You can contact us through the helpline number or leave a mail.

Stroll Around the Coffee Gardens of Chikkamagaluru

Did you know that the ubiquitous Café Coffee Day chains first started in a coffee estate of Chikkamagaluru? Hundreds of such authentic coffee garden cafes still lay hidden in the rolling hills of Chikkamagaluru. Take a stroll, grab a cup of freshly ground coffee or devote a day in the garden to learn all about your favourite beverage. The town also has a coffee museum that explains the history and the making process of Chikkamagaluru coffee. A ride to the hills of Mullayangiri, Baba Budangiri or Kemannagundi is an amazing idea to be in the clouds and watch dramatic sunsets. While in this beautiful town you must also include the picturesque lakes in your itinerary.

Revisit the Malgudi Days at Agumbe

Though Malgudi was nothing more than an imaginary town in the stories of R. K. Narayan, it has been brought alive recently by the government of Karnataka. Malgudi Days series was shot in a small village in Agumbe where Doddamane, Swami’s house still stands sturdy. Malgudi station has been set up to take you back in time where the evenings were all about the TV series Malgudi Days.

Agumbe is also well-known for the mystic forests, incessant rains and charismatic sunrays. It is a perfect getaway for a breath in pure nature inhabited by the wild.

Feel the Spiritual High at Udupi

This temple town of Karnataka is encompassed by mesmerizing islands and beaches. St. Mary Island which is accessible from Malpe Beach presents you with blue water shores. The scene here can be compared to that of the islands in Andaman. A bird’s eye view of the outskirts of Udupi from the lighthouse at Kapu Beach is also a not-to-be-missed experience.

Krishna Temple in Udupi tells a story of devotion with its unusual idol that faces the backside window. It also serves the most delicious of special Brahmin food cooked by the pundits of the temple. Krishna temple comes to its best glory on Krishna Janmashtami. On this day the temple complex is filled with the vibes of festivities, spirituality and devotion.

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