7 Places in India to Chase the Sparkling White Snow Winter is coming, and you must go to the natural snow gardens of India. This country is truly blessed to be crowned by the Himalayan hills that are still just a dream for many. The coming winter is the best time for you to explore this fairyland. Here, Santa’s reindeer’s may not run but the fiercest snow-leopards chase the prey in the white rolling hills. India’s Himalayas would definitely be the best thing to happen to you this winter. Choose your favourite spot from the specially crafted list of winter destinations in India and get set go.

White Spiti

Spiti in winter is a dazzling white carpet dotted with colourful fluttering prayer flags with the only sound of the bells of the prayer wheels. The otherwise barren Spiti landscapes suddenly turn into a wonderland. The lakes freeze to become a perfect rink for ice skating and the villages turns into a still painting with snow-covered sloppy roofs.  Spiti in winters through Shimla route is the best idea to bask in the morning sun and evening snowfalls. Moreover, snow-leopard treks of Spiti are also organized in the same season. Nako, Tabo, Dhankar, Kaza and Key make for a perfect winter road trip with its frozen lakes and captivating monasteries.


This winter-sports ground is filled with soft white flakes till the beginning of summer. Well-known for snow skiing, the hills of Auli are thronged by adventurers from all around the world. Leisure holidays at the cottages around the snowy meadows feel ecstatic with some hot soup and pahadi food. Auli is also the best spot to be combined with your trip to Rishikesh, Joshimath and Badrinath. If you are too keen to witness the beauty of Chopta and Tungnath in winters then you must choose to reach Joshimath via Gopeshwar.

Jalori Pass

The Himalayas have always been a mystery for mankind. The misty valleys connected by plateaus and passes are also a stage for the admirers of the Himalayas. One such pass named Jalori connects the mesmerizing Banjar Valley to Sainj Valley. This pass located at 11,000+ feet is an unadulterated winter beauty. Surrounded by the beautiful villages of Shoja, Jibhi and Ghyaghi, Jalori Pass can best be enjoyed by staying in these villages. A warm cup of tea at the frozen Serolsar Lake near the pass is a blissful thing to do while at Jalori. While summers come with an opportunity to camp at Jalori Pass, winter brings forth the homestay culture in the Himachali villages. Jalori Pass definitely makes for the best feasible option for snow spots.


Welcome to the Last Village of India’, reads the sign as you enter this sleepy hamlet clad in winter whites. Chitkul shares its border with China and is probably the last accessible village for the tourists. Chitkul with high peaks surrounding it looks straight out of a Disney movie. Strolling around the village, playing with rosy-cheeked Himachali kids and enjoying scrumptious momos, siddur and other local cuisines at the last dhaba of India can be the memorable moments of your trip.

Parvati Valley

The most beautiful of all, Parvati is Lord Shiva’s own winter destination as per the scriptures. Apart from tall pine trees loaded with snow, this valley also has some healing hot water springs. Views and wellness combined, Parvati is a traveller’s choice irrespective of seasons. The village hopping or leisure stays in Kasol, Rasol, Chalal and Tosh would let you make the most of your winter vacation.  For the adventurous souls, Kheeganga trek ending with the holy bath in the hot water spring is an unparalleled experience. With easy access to the best places of Himachal, Parvati can top the list of winter destinations in India.


When it comes to the most unadulterated snow scenes, the untouched lands of North East India can top the competition. Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh has been riders’ and snow lovers’ favourite since it opened the way for the tourists. A road trip in Arunachal Pradesh with the gorgeous views of the valleys, snow-clad peaks and barren trees is a must-have experience in North East India. You can also club your trip to Tawang with Ziro Valley, Bomdila Pass and other states like Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland.


With the brand new airports being inaugurated in the state of Sikkim, it has turned one of the most desirable tourist spots. Famous for being one of the gateways to the land of Bhutan, Sikkim is clad in snow right from the onset of winters till late summers. Gangtok, being the capital, presents bewitching views of colourful pahadi houses and mountains that look like scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Gangtok is also a good destination to traverse to other beautiful places of Sikkim. The best part of the journey is landing straight on the snow-clad ground while enjoying the unbelievable views throughout your flight journey.

Haven’t planned your winter vacation yet? Let us plan it for you so that you can enjoy a tension-free vacation for your favourite winter destination.