Winter-destinations-in-Europe-Blog 3-November 2019

Do you think Europe Trip would cost a fortune? Well, it definitely doesn’t. A bit of planning while keeping the seasons and countries in mind may make your Europe trip extremely affordable. Europe can mainly be divided into the western, eastern and northern part which is directly related to how expensive the countries are. While Nordic countries are really expensive, Eastern Europe can be as expensive as India or a South-East Asian country. This is the key to enjoy that Europe dreams without cracking a hole in your pocket. Here are the cheapest winter destinations to consider for your next vacation.

Prague – Czech Republic

This gorgeous town would always top the winter destinations list for its adorable scenery during this season. Besides offering picturesque views, dirt cheap Czech beers, plenty of nature and historic sites, Prague also proves to be quite a reasonable travel destination. The public transport and low-budget hotels of Prague are very feasible on Indian Rupee. Prague is even a gateway for winter day trips. Outdoor adventure lovers and photographers too would die for a winter vacation in Prague.

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This not so famous country, especially its historic town Tallinn turns into a Disney movie set in December. Undoubtedly, roaming around the cute little towns in this country would be the best thing to do in winter. Among the other activities, tourists love kick sledging on fresh snow or frozen lakes, ice-skating and skiing. A few famous tourist spots also offer guided snow treks in the hills of Estonia. For luxury outdoor activities you can opt to go on motorised excursions at Toosikannu Holiday Centre. In short, Estonia is an all-rounder when it comes to winter tourism provisions.

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Who isn’t aware of the majestic past that influenced the modern civilizations? However, Greece has much more to offer than just history lessons. Santorini, the name itself is enough to excite a traveller to visit the beautiful country of Greece. The white-washed houses sitting like a creamy cake on the Greek shore makes for an ultimate winter getaway. The towns like Athens, Delphi and Meteora take you on a ruined trail telling the tales of Geek history. On the other hand, Greek islands like Crete, Paros and Samos lets you soak the winter sun along the emerald waters.


One of the best alternatives to the Alps, Slovakia has all that which is expensive in other countries, in a budget. From restaurants to ski-resorts, everything reasonable is right here in Slovakia. Beautiful hills, ancient castles and dense forests covered with snow are loved by every tripper. Most importantly, all these come at a price that is usually affordable. The off-season starts January onwards and even most tourists leave the country by that time which ensures not so crowded places.


Thermal baths tempt most tourists looking for a rejuvenating vacation to Lithuania. The lesser-known capital city of Vilnius would surely take your heart away with its rustic charm and light snowfalls during Christmas. The fun part is that you get to enjoy sunny days as well as occasional snow during winters here. The hot springs of Lithuania are open throughout the year and the spa towns like Palanga and Bristonas are must-visit.


This country is blessed with mountains on a side and sprawling beaches on the other.  Montenegro is quiet and full of surprises at the beginning of winter. It experiences drastically different weather in different parts of the country. In the mountains, you can enjoy skiing while on the beaches you can bask in the warm sun. From wine tasting to fishing and from skiing to hiking, you can make the most of your vacation in this little country.


Romania is a bundle of a surprise when it comes to travelling in winter. The mystic castles in the country are almost empty during winter. So, the castle of Dracula in Transylvania might be all for yourself. Besides this, there are also ancient monasteries and fortress to explore. Romania also makes its local wine. And thus, local wine tasting can be a fun activity to do while driving through the scenic roads. Budget stays and affordable restaurants serving scrumptious food make Romania an irresistible winter destination.

Have you chosen your destinations for your next winter vacation?