The year is ending and there might be many travel goals that you achieved, many countries that you might have ticked off and many destinations that you might be looking forward to visiting. We bring to you a perfect list of destinations to visit in 2020. So, grab your calendar, mark the holidays and just give us a call to book an all-inclusive package.

Here you go, 12 of the Best Places to Visit in 2020.


With tourism reformation and better facilities ensured, Bhutan must top your list of Travel Destinations to be ticked off in 2020. Interesting culture, happy humans, colourful monasteries to majestic views of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a complete package of experiences that you might want to relish.


This man-made wonder has sky-scrapers that kiss the sky. This is not it. Desert safaris, a cultural night with delicious Arabic food, belly dancers and modern sports of sky-diving make Dubai an interesting destination.


Mafushi to Male, every island here is a piece of blue heaven dotted with the most luxurious resorts. Surprisingly, they all come at an affordable price even for Indians. And if you are a newly wedded couple or getting married soon and planning for a honeymoon, there can’t be a better choice than the Maldives.


Vietnam has not only turned out to be an instaworthy destination but also an explorer’s heaven. The natural UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay gives an ultimate cruising experience. If you are a culture freak and also wish to combine it with some leisure stays, Vietnam is for you. While most of us like to frequent Thailand, Vietnam is truly a promising destination to visit in 2020.


Did you know Thailand has waived off Visa fees for Indians till April 2020. Why lose this chance? Winter is the best time to bask in the sun at the picturesque islands of Thailand. Travelladder provides exclusive package inclusive of transport, flights, hotels and meals. So what are you waiting for? The white temple, exotic beaches and the happening nightlife of Thailand are calling you to spend Vacation 2020 with them.


With recently introduced direct flights from India to Japan, it has turned out to be one of the most feasible Asian destinations to visit. Northern Japan has already welcomed snow and Mt. Fuji looks way too gorgeous in winters. The spring brings in the festivals in Japan whereas the autumn decorates the country with cherry blossoms. Each season in Japan has much in store for nature lovers.


Besides the most dazzling Mexico City flanked by some ruins and gigantic historic buildings, the Mayan culture is what makes this country a must-visit destination in 2020. Not to mention the World Wonder Chichen Itza and the Caribbean Port of Tulum that sing of the forgotten glory of the Mayan past of Mexico. Beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea cannot just be described in words and thus you must visit it to witness its speechless beauty.


The colourful culture of Brazil needs no introduction. Beach Kitesurfing is just one of the many adventurous water sports offered in Brazil. Cherish the majestic sight of the Iguazu Falls or take a selfie with Christ the Redeemer at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is complete fun. In fact, Brazil also has the world’s longest beach which is a treat in itself.


Another of the world-famous wonder Machu Picchu attracts thousands of tourists to Peru. Those who aim at visiting the ‘World’s Wonders’, Peru would let you tick off one of them along with other ancient ruins and magnificent beaches.

South Korea

Seoul looks as gorgeous as a garden in spring and the cute Korean villages just add to the romantic vibe of this country. Shop crazily or learn about Korean History, explore museums or soak yourself into art, do what you have ever dreamt of right here in an unexplored country.


This little continent is a travel platter of grasslands, beaches, deserts and the most happening cities. Did you know that you can see the Southern Dancing Lights right here in the town of Flinders in Australia? Yes, so if you thought to see the mid-night lights can cost you heavens then many towns in Australia would surprise you at an affordable price.


Commonly popular as man-made heaven, Singapore is more than a perfect country. This little nation offers dancing fountains, fantastic view of Helix Bridge, gorgeous gardens, boat rides with mind-blowing city views and much more. Singapore is also a fashion lover’s paradise and Orchard Street is the best place to find the most fashionable outfit for you. Spending a day at Sentosa Island and snorkelling with the aquatic creatures can truly make your trip worth every penny.

Did we miss out on any of your favourite destinations? Tell us in the comment and we shall be through with your plans.