Blog-3-December-2019One destination and provides such a wide variety of experience? Yes, you read it right. The smallest continent in the world, Australia, serves wonders for tourists in its every corner. It offers all those best things that travellers wish to do once in their lifetime. The cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth give you a peek into the happening city life of Australia. On the other hand, the coastal beaches, rocks formations, national parks, waterfalls and the Great Barrier Reef take you straight into a natural paradise.

Best Things to Do in Australia

Australia, despite being the smallest continent, is 2 times bigger than even India. Though it is impossible to cover the whole of the country in a short visit, a trip to South Australia and its attraction is absolutely enough to give you a glimpse of this wonderful country.

Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

One of the best spots to scuba dive with little stingrays, a number of names and the most colourful corals is in Australia. It takes a helicopter ride with some gorgeous views to reach the Great Barrier reef of Australia. Thus, your visit here comes with a lot of surprises, fun and adventure.

Walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Not only walk on this stunning bridge but also climb on it for a sheer thrill. The Bridge Climb Sydney takes care of your safety gears for climbing and also provides a guide to locate the famous landmarks visible from there. Apart from the sprawling view of the Pacific Ocean, you can also spot the Blue Mountains. The cherry on the top is the sunset or sunrise view from here based on your tour timings.

Visit the Pink Salt Lake      

A lake that doesn’t look green, emerald or blue but a sheer shade of pale pink!! Isn’t that a miracle? To your delight, there is not only 1 pink lake but almost 10 lakes open for the tourists. Hutt Salt Lagoon, Hillier Lake, Lake Warden, Lake Eyre, Lake Bumbunga and Lake MacDonnell are a few of the must-visit Pink lakes in Australia. This phenomenon occurs mainly during summers and thus December to February months, when Australia experiences summer, are perfect to visit the lakes.

Soak in the Iceberg Pool at Bondi Beach

This is not only a luxury not-to-be-missed but also a beautiful spot to swim in an infinity pool right on a beach. Long back, Instagram posts from famous travellers made this pool popular and now it has been added to a list of must-visit places in Australia.

Click at the World Famous Sydney Opera House

This Opera House is an iconic structure of Australia. In fact, this structure of the sails located Sydney Harbor gives an identity to Australia Tourism. You can choose to attend a show, taste the finest of the Australian cuisine at their café or just take a tour underneath these giant sails. The tour is arranged in a variety of languages and the guide explains the architectural specialities and history. They also include a dining experience at the end of the tour.

Experience Nature and the Modern World at Gold Coast

Gold Coast in Queensland is a great place for a picnic in the evening. As the sun sets, the glowing city lights look gorgeous as a backdrop of the river Albert. This picturesque place must be at the top of your list of things to do in Australia.

Meet Kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough

Your visit to Australia would absolutely not be completed without meeting the little hopping creatures. Cape Hillsborough is one of the best places to get a closer look into Australian wildlife. Kangaroos can be seen in groups right here and they would surely make your experience memorable.

Explore the National Parks of Australia

This little continent is blessed with exotic wildlife and some insanely beautiful forests. A safari or a hike in the National Parks of Purnululu, Kakadu, Royal and Ikra in Flinders can be chosen for some majestic views, bizarre rock structures and of course the wildlife.

Explore Figure 8 Pools at New South Wales

Located in Sydney’s Royal National Park, figure 8 pools are a natural wonder. The circular pools are joined in such a way that they form a figure 8. A 6 km of a walk from the Palms beach to these rocks, hiding the 8 pools, is totally worth it. Relax, click, swim, do what you wish, these little natural pools are total fun.

Go Gaga over the Dancing Southern Lights

If watching the northern lights have been your dream and a trip to NorwBlog-3-December-2019ay seems next to impossible then just don’t worry. Australia gives you the same feel with its southern lights or Aurora. Choose a place away from the city lights down south and you are all set to see the Aurora.

Do you have your own wish-list of Things to do in Australia? Let us know in the comments and we will plan an all-inclusive tour custom-made just for you.