The bad news is that the ranking of Indian Passport is at 84th position but the good news is that there are many interesting unexplored countries that still welcome Indians without any visa requirements. While a few countries just don’t ask for a visa, many other countries offer Visa on Arrival for Indians. Here, we have curated the best of the visa-free countries, for Indians, which can be visited in the year 2020.


A European country that is blessed with the romantic towns like Belgrade and the natural wonders like Uvac Canyon is really hard to miss. The words can fail to describe the fairytale destination that Serbia is. Experience the alluring beauty of Serbia in any season and it would leave you awestruck. Plan your Europe trip now without any worry about a visa.


The Republic of Mauritius is kind of a ‘world-famous honeymoon destination’ for Indians! This country is visa-free for Indians since years and a visit to this paradise is totally worth every penny.  Moreover, the flight connectivity and affordable accommodations make it all the more feasible on Indian Rupee. Indians can easily make the best of their long weekend at this International destination. Get more details by contact Travel Ladder.


White-washed houses looking over the sparkling emerald waters of the sea, wait, isn’t this in Greece? Well, that’s the secret of this country about which you might have hardly heard. Located in the continent of Africa on the opposite coast of Greece, this country is hardly explored by Indians. However, the historic architecture, luxury villas, unusually cute houses and the infinity pools with beach views make Tunisia one of the most desirable destinations in the African continent.


Nepal has been constantly neglected by the Indians despite the country being at the top in the wish-list of most foreigners. The world saves and prepares for their lifetime just to explore the Himalayas in Nepal. From Everest to Annapurna, only Indians have this privilege of paying the affordable amount for the most-awaited views. Nepal is thus not only pocket-friendly for Indians but also an unexplored neighbouring gem. In fact, some places near upper Mustang are accessible only to Indians.

Nepal trip comes with easy transport, no currency issues and no overburden on your pocket. Nepal is the easiest and the best deal for the Indians to explore.


Surreal landscapes and familiarly fanciful coastlines make Indonesia, a favorite country of Indians. Indonesia’s rich culture and preserved architecture are just add-ons for those who want to explore it beyond the beaches and islands. With the cheapest available flights from Kochi International Airport, this destination can always be planned impromptu all thanks to a visa-free entry on your Indian Passport.


This forbidden land for the world provides visa-free entry to the Indians. A road journey to Bhutan is as thrilling and mesmerizing as the journey by air. The road takes you through some of the unseen, unexplored Bhutanese villages whereas the flight journey gives you a chance to land on the world’s trickiest runway. So, pack your bags because the dreamy mountains, cutest of the kids and the fluttering prayer flags are calling you to the land of Thunder Dragon.


This is a heaven where Indians feel richer and can enjoy the luxury at dirt cheap rates. With Visa-Free policy for Indians, it is a luxury budget destination. Direct flights make it easier for Indians to reach this country made of exotic islands. Camp on the beaches or go scuba diving or just join a cruise for island hopping at Fiji, every day here would be a pleasant surprise.


With drool-worthy waterfalls, breezy beaches, cafes with charismatic views, unique museums like that of Bob Marley’s and the dance of dolphins, Jamaica is a priceless gem.  And all these interesting places in this Caribbean Island can be explored with no visa fees for Indians. Book your flight now with Travel Ladder and enjoy a ‘brachiation’ in this North American country.


Another Caribbean Island country that doesn’t mandate visa for Indians is purely a lesser-explored nation. Secluded beaches, bright azure sky and appetizing seafood, Barbados creates a little vacation paradise for the people who love sun-kissed beaches and lots of fun.

Trinidad and Tobago

This country, formed of twin islands near South America, is a cutesy destination perched on the coastal hills of the island. Sparkling lagoons and colourful houses tucked on the coastal hills also make it an Instaworthy destination. These most picturesque islands are studded with amazing luxury resorts to make the best of your visit. What are you waiting for!! Live your Dream America Now

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