This planet of ours isn’t only beautiful but also hides some shockingly bizarre spots. From the blood lakes to colour-fully painted mountains, many mysteries still remain unsolved. Some of them still baffle even the scientist who couldn’t help but only wonder themselves about some of the phenomenon. Go ahead and be stupefied by these weirdly interesting places on planet earth.

Lake Khiluk, British Columbia

This is really a strange place composed of 365 dotted pools making a lake. Being the most mineralized lake in the world, it formed like a mosaic-like design. It is undoubtedly very picturesque. However, the best part is the fact that each of these lake pools has a totally different chemical composition. If we believe the popular stories woven around it then the water from each pool has the ability to cure different diseases. Shouldn’t it be included in medical science books!

The Tale of Twisted Trees, Slope Point, New Zealand

South Island in New Zealand has these totally bizarre trees. These trees are permanently twisted in different patterns all thanks to the continuously blowing intense winds. While this totally uninhabited place is also the windiest place, it is still used as grazing grounds. The rugged slopes and the patterned trees also make it a quaint landscape.

Underwater Park, Austria

This park located at Bruck An Der Mur is a unique one owing to its phenomenon of being submerged underwater during spring. If you are planning to dive in for some underwater fun then this is where you should be off to now. A trip to Austria can never be complete without a dive into this lake with swings and slides.

The Underwater Jesus in Italy

The deep-sea divers in Italy fancy the 2.5-meter tall bronze statue of Jesus Christ. If you are wondering why is it fancy for the divers then let us tell you that this strange statue lays untouched on the sea bed. Surprisingly, the hands of Jesus are raised up here as if crying for some help to move up on the surface. Bizarre, isn’t it?

The Bloody River of Cano Cristales

This Columbian river is famous for a mysterious phenomenon of changing its color to red. With occasional hues of yellow, the river bed is flourished with a plant that blooms with red leaves. This explains the color. Apart from the main colors, the river also spots other colors from the VIBGYOR palette. This is the reason it has got the title of ‘The Liquid Rainbow’.

Rainbow Mountains of Peru

The pastel hues artistically spread over the barren hills of Montana De Siete Colores is a sight to behold after a strenuous trek. These painted mountains are a thing of wonder even for the scientist. These obscure mountains of colors are thus flocked by the tourists all round the year.

Pink Sand Beaches

Only a few pink sand beaches exist on this earth. Owing to its rarity, it has recently become a cynosure of Instagrammers’ eyes. The sand gets its pink hue from microscopic organisms living in pink shells. Thus, when you are basking in the sun on these beaches, you are actually laying on these micro-organisms with pink houses. Isn’t it mysteriously amazing and interesting as well? If you are wondering where to find these pinky beaches then you can head straight to the Bahamas to experience one of them.

Dead Sea

The only sea where you would not sink despite having zero swimming skills is located in Jordan. Flanked by luxury resorts and spas, this Dead Sea is a major tourist attraction. While this sea has excessive salt content that keeps the humans floating, the black mud found on the shore is extremely therapeutic in nature.  Want to experience the Dead Sea Salt Spa? Fly to Jordan right away.

The Lake with Changing Colors

Mt. Kelimutu, an extinct volcano in Indonesia, is now converted into a ‘maar’, a crater lake. It is surprisingly strange that there is not just one Crater Lake but three of them with the black, blue and turquoise hue of the water. It is also interesting to know that the three lakes also change colors from time to time. Isn’t this world a bizarre wonder in itself!

Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle still remains unsolved. Some stories say it is an open door to the world of devils that lay beneath. During the end of the world, the devils would be popping out from the same place. The folktales are much similar to that of ‘Patal Loka’ stories in India. Any plane passing through this place, having black hole like characteristics, succumbs into the unfathomable waters of Bermuda. No remains, debris or bodies of the dead would ever be found once sunk at this spot. It is not only strange but also sounds quite spooky.

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