feb-blog2The foreign destination crazy people of India often miss out on the gems hidden in our own country. Andaman is unarguably the toughest competition to any international beach destination. From the fine sandy beaches to crazy forest drives, Andaman truly amazes even the foreign visitors here. We give the most convincing reasons to choose Andaman over any other beach destinations to have the once in a lifetime experience without cracking a hole in your pocket.

For the Blue Waters of its Untouched Islands

Andaman, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean is admired around the world for its sparkling emerald waters. We often ditch Indian Beaches for its dirty waters and crowded neighbourhood but Andaman is nowhere as dirty as the mainland India. It offers the same views of the unfathomable ocean as seen in the tourism ads of any foreign destination. The islands of Andaman are thus often termed as the jewels of India scattered in the far south-east waters.

Asia’s Most Beautiful Beach

While we drool over some beaches of Thailand, the world yearns to go to the Havelock Island of Andaman for the most beautiful beach in Asia. Yes, unbelievably, Radha Nagar Beach is Asia’s gem possessed by our own beautiful country. The rustling of coconut tree leaves, sea waves kissing the pastel shore and the vast ocean surrounded by green hills can be a nearly perfect description of Radha Nagar beach. It is for this beach alone that many people ditch all the other destinations over Andamans.

Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano

Gigantic caves that hide some of the interesting natural sculptures in the dark is something that you must not miss in Andaman. Consider it a natural wonder or a scientific phenomenon; these caves have the power to leave you awestruck. The water route to reach the cave is equally exciting as the motorboats pass through canopying mangroves. On the other hand, trekking to a volcano that was once active is a thrilling activity besides all the fun time on the beaches.

Forest Tribes that know Nothing About the Modern World

The fierce-eyed Jarwah tribe that has now come to terms with the civilized men is still the point of attraction for the people all around the world. These tribes know nothing about clothes, modern technology or even food. They still wear the natural elements as cloths, hunt animals and cook them directly on firewood sans any oil or spices. Though you are not allowed to stop the vehicle in their territory or talk to them, it is truly a fascinating moment to encounter them on the way to Mud Volcano.

Witness India’s Ruined Paris

Under British rule, Ross Island was built as the Paris of the east. With grand dancing halls decorated with the French chandeliers and Italian marbles, Ross Island was a luxury destination for the travellers of that time. Now, this island is flanked by the deer, rabbits and the ruined buildings naturally decorated by the overgrown roots and branches. A light and sound show here at the sunset is also worth attending.

Diving into the Aqua-heaven

The most colourfully bizarre creatures of the Indian Ocean ensure an exquisite diving experience. From diving into the deep ocean to explore ship wreckage to sea walking in the fish pond, Andaman has it all. The clear waters of Andaman allow absolutely clear vision and the abundance of fish gives the best pictures for those who are inspired by Bollywood movies.

The Glowing Sea Waves

The phenomenon of bioluminescent is quite popular on the deserted beaches away from the city lights. This phenomenon may not be experienced even at the most popular beach destinations around the world but in Andaman. Visit Andaman in winters on a no-moon day to enjoy the glowing sea and the sky full of sparkling stars.

Romantic Sunsets and Deserted Beaches

Being the southernmost tip of India, Andaman offers the most sensual sunsets at different islands. Consider Chidiya Tapu, Indira Point, Neil’s Island or Radha Nagar Beach for some picturesque views and romantic moments. Lesser population and number of secluded beaches actually give you a feel of being on a private island.

World-class Water Sports

This very famous beach destination of India also thrills you with a variety of water sports besides scuba diving. Parasailing, speed boating, sea walking, and snorkelling are among the other interesting activities. While island hopping in Andaman, you can enjoy these activities at different spots.

Luxury Villas

Just like Maldives, Bali or any other such South East Asian Beach destinations, Andaman is flanked by luxury villas on private beaches. Almost every island in Andaman has these tribal-style luxury villas and resorts to make your holidays the most memorable. If you book it well in advance with Travel Ladder, you get the best deal for your family trip.

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