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Sunny Indian Beaches to Escape the Chilling Winter -Travelladder


Winter is here and most of us would already be craving for some warm sunlight. What can be better than heading to some beaches of South India while the north freezes in winter chills? We have an entire list of the best beaches in India to crush your winter blues. Pick one or plan a long trip to all of them, the choice is yours and the tension of planning or booking would be ours.

Let us know your favourite beach from this list of the famous beaches in South India.

Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock

Asia’s most beautiful beach is one of the best escapades off the mainland of India. Besides being a beautiful beach, it also offers many interesting tourist activities around.  From watching the bioluminescent phenomenon, where the glowing insects make the sea glow in the dark to scuba diving with turtles, everything is possible on Havelock Island. So, pack your bag and get ready to scuba dive with the most beautiful sea creatures under the shining winter sun.

Palolem, Goa

This south Goa beach is the most favourite of not only foreigners but also of many Indians. Surrounded by lush green landscapes,  Palolem and the nearby beaches like Patnem, Cola and Colva beaches are the best for some sunbath with a view. Besides just being on the beach, tourists here can also opt for a day trip to a deserted island. The islands are the best to enjoy some solitude along with the activities like fishing, beachside cooking and scuba diving. Other water sports like banana boat ride, parasailing and speed boating are also really fun. Do not forget to enjoy the parties and imported cheap beers at night.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Located on an island near Pondicherry, it is not easy to reach this beach but definitely worth the long ride. Windy afternoons under the shade of tall coconut trees would be the best feeling in winters. Apart from enjoying the scenic ride, grab a beer or two at the secluded beachside cafes at Paradise. And if you want some vegan vibes and wish to experience a natural life then head to Auroville, an epitome of universal brotherhood.

Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Cliff has been one of the most clicked places in Kerala. A hippie paradise and a beach lover’s delight, Varkala is all you would want on a cold winter day. The sun here would be a blessing while the rest of India freezes in below 10-degree temperatures. To add to your experience, you can also plan a backwaters tour or just take any trail into the wild and enjoy the picturesque views.

Agonda, Goa

Party poppers and dance lovers are welcomed wholeheartedly at Agonda. From luxury beach cottages to scrumptious Goan meals, Agonda gives you the best winter treats.  You can also opt to do Kayaking in the calm waters or take a ride to the Chapoli dam. Another best part about Agonda is its Yoga centres and Ayurvedic Massage centres that know the best way to rejuvenate your skin, body and mind.

Ram Krishna Beach, Vizag

Stay at a luxurious sea-view hotel and just enjoy the sun painting the sky golden while sipping on a hot chocolate or coffee in Vizag. This picturesque beach can totally cure your untamable wanderlust. A day trip from the city to Gangavaram, Lawson’s Bay Beach and Yarada Beach would also be a great idea. Those who are up for some water activity can head straight to the Rushikonda Beach where the hilltop cafes serve delicious Andhra food.

Kapu Beach, Karnataka

This iconic beach starred in many south Indian and Bollywood movies is a gem of a beach. The red and white lighthouse at the shore makes this beach more fun. Climb to the top of the tower through the spiral staircases and enjoy the never-ending view of the Arabian Sea on one side and green coconut grooves on the other. This place is truly a fantastic getaway from the bustling city life.

Mandavi Beach, Gujarat

The ornamented camels, walking past with its human who is clad in traditional white kutchi dress, look charismatic with the backdrop of windmills and the sparkling sea. A seaside Mandavi resort is an add-on for those who love to play in the white sand. Get ready for the drama of nature as the sunsets. The Gujarati dancers and singers add feel to this beauty of nature at Mandavi Beach.

Ganapati Phule, Maharashtra

If the hustle-bustle of Mumbai isn’t your cup of tea then wait till you reach Ganapati Phule Beach of Maharashtra. This is one of the best-kept secrets where a handful of Mumbaikars go for a few moments of silence. Gaze at the horizon, play with the sea waves or just take your favourite book and chill in an infinity pool with a sea view, Ganpati Phule wouldn’t disappoint you in any matter.

Paradise Beach, Gokarna

This hippie beach is for the camping enthusiasts who can pitch the tent or just tie a hammock to spend an amazing night under the star. This beach is special not only for its secluded location but also for the trekking trail leading to this awesome paradise. Have you experienced this yet? If not then call us right now to plan you backpacking tour to this little beach.

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Pink Lake and Dancing Southern Lights are Just 10 Hours Away from India at this Destination

Blog-3-December-2019One destination and provides such a wide variety of experience? Yes, you read it right. The smallest continent in the world, Australia, serves wonders for tourists in its every corner. It offers all those best things that travellers wish to do once in their lifetime. The cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth give you a peek into the happening city life of Australia. On the other hand, the coastal beaches, rocks formations, national parks, waterfalls and the Great Barrier Reef take you straight into a natural paradise.

Best Things to Do in Australia

Australia, despite being the smallest continent, is 2 times bigger than even India. Though it is impossible to cover the whole of the country in a short visit, a trip to South Australia and its attraction is absolutely enough to give you a glimpse of this wonderful country.

Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

One of the best spots to scuba dive with little stingrays, a number of names and the most colourful corals is in Australia. It takes a helicopter ride with some gorgeous views to reach the Great Barrier reef of Australia. Thus, your visit here comes with a lot of surprises, fun and adventure.

Walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Not only walk on this stunning bridge but also climb on it for a sheer thrill. The Bridge Climb Sydney takes care of your safety gears for climbing and also provides a guide to locate the famous landmarks visible from there. Apart from the sprawling view of the Pacific Ocean, you can also spot the Blue Mountains. The cherry on the top is the sunset or sunrise view from here based on your tour timings.

Visit the Pink Salt Lake      

A lake that doesn’t look green, emerald or blue but a sheer shade of pale pink!! Isn’t that a miracle? To your delight, there is not only 1 pink lake but almost 10 lakes open for the tourists. Hutt Salt Lagoon, Hillier Lake, Lake Warden, Lake Eyre, Lake Bumbunga and Lake MacDonnell are a few of the must-visit Pink lakes in Australia. This phenomenon occurs mainly during summers and thus December to February months, when Australia experiences summer, are perfect to visit the lakes.

Soak in the Iceberg Pool at Bondi Beach

This is not only a luxury not-to-be-missed but also a beautiful spot to swim in an infinity pool right on a beach. Long back, Instagram posts from famous travellers made this pool popular and now it has been added to a list of must-visit places in Australia.

Click at the World Famous Sydney Opera House

This Opera House is an iconic structure of Australia. In fact, this structure of the sails located Sydney Harbor gives an identity to Australia Tourism. You can choose to attend a show, taste the finest of the Australian cuisine at their café or just take a tour underneath these giant sails. The tour is arranged in a variety of languages and the guide explains the architectural specialities and history. They also include a dining experience at the end of the tour.

Experience Nature and the Modern World at Gold Coast

Gold Coast in Queensland is a great place for a picnic in the evening. As the sun sets, the glowing city lights look gorgeous as a backdrop of the river Albert. This picturesque place must be at the top of your list of things to do in Australia.

Meet Kangaroos at Cape Hillsborough

Your visit to Australia would absolutely not be completed without meeting the little hopping creatures. Cape Hillsborough is one of the best places to get a closer look into Australian wildlife. Kangaroos can be seen in groups right here and they would surely make your experience memorable.

Explore the National Parks of Australia

This little continent is blessed with exotic wildlife and some insanely beautiful forests. A safari or a hike in the National Parks of Purnululu, Kakadu, Royal and Ikra in Flinders can be chosen for some majestic views, bizarre rock structures and of course the wildlife.

Explore Figure 8 Pools at New South Wales

Located in Sydney’s Royal National Park, figure 8 pools are a natural wonder. The circular pools are joined in such a way that they form a figure 8. A 6 km of a walk from the Palms beach to these rocks, hiding the 8 pools, is totally worth it. Relax, click, swim, do what you wish, these little natural pools are total fun.

Go Gaga over the Dancing Southern Lights

If watching the northern lights have been your dream and a trip to NorwBlog-3-December-2019ay seems next to impossible then just don’t worry. Australia gives you the same feel with its southern lights or Aurora. Choose a place away from the city lights down south and you are all set to see the Aurora.

Do you have your own wish-list of Things to do in Australia? Let us know in the comments and we will plan an all-inclusive tour custom-made just for you.


Top Destinations to Look Forward to Indians in 2020


The year is ending and there might be many travel goals that you achieved, many countries that you might have ticked off and many destinations that you might be looking forward to visiting. We bring to you a perfect list of destinations to visit in 2020. So, grab your calendar, mark the holidays and just give us a call to book an all-inclusive package.

Here you go, 12 of the Best Places to Visit in 2020.


With tourism reformation and better facilities ensured, Bhutan must top your list of Travel Destinations to be ticked off in 2020. Interesting culture, happy humans, colourful monasteries to majestic views of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a complete package of experiences that you might want to relish.


This man-made wonder has sky-scrapers that kiss the sky. This is not it. Desert safaris, a cultural night with delicious Arabic food, belly dancers and modern sports of sky-diving make Dubai an interesting destination.


Mafushi to Male, every island here is a piece of blue heaven dotted with the most luxurious resorts. Surprisingly, they all come at an affordable price even for Indians. And if you are a newly wedded couple or getting married soon and planning for a honeymoon, there can’t be a better choice than the Maldives.


Vietnam has not only turned out to be an instaworthy destination but also an explorer’s heaven. The natural UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay gives an ultimate cruising experience. If you are a culture freak and also wish to combine it with some leisure stays, Vietnam is for you. While most of us like to frequent Thailand, Vietnam is truly a promising destination to visit in 2020.


Did you know Thailand has waived off Visa fees for Indians till April 2020. Why lose this chance? Winter is the best time to bask in the sun at the picturesque islands of Thailand. Travelladder provides exclusive package inclusive of transport, flights, hotels and meals. So what are you waiting for? The white temple, exotic beaches and the happening nightlife of Thailand are calling you to spend Vacation 2020 with them.


With recently introduced direct flights from India to Japan, it has turned out to be one of the most feasible Asian destinations to visit. Northern Japan has already welcomed snow and Mt. Fuji looks way too gorgeous in winters. The spring brings in the festivals in Japan whereas the autumn decorates the country with cherry blossoms. Each season in Japan has much in store for nature lovers.


Besides the most dazzling Mexico City flanked by some ruins and gigantic historic buildings, the Mayan culture is what makes this country a must-visit destination in 2020. Not to mention the World Wonder Chichen Itza and the Caribbean Port of Tulum that sing of the forgotten glory of the Mayan past of Mexico. Beaches and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea cannot just be described in words and thus you must visit it to witness its speechless beauty.


The colourful culture of Brazil needs no introduction. Beach Kitesurfing is just one of the many adventurous water sports offered in Brazil. Cherish the majestic sight of the Iguazu Falls or take a selfie with Christ the Redeemer at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is complete fun. In fact, Brazil also has the world’s longest beach which is a treat in itself.


Another of the world-famous wonder Machu Picchu attracts thousands of tourists to Peru. Those who aim at visiting the ‘World’s Wonders’, Peru would let you tick off one of them along with other ancient ruins and magnificent beaches.

South Korea

Seoul looks as gorgeous as a garden in spring and the cute Korean villages just add to the romantic vibe of this country. Shop crazily or learn about Korean History, explore museums or soak yourself into art, do what you have ever dreamt of right here in an unexplored country.


This little continent is a travel platter of grasslands, beaches, deserts and the most happening cities. Did you know that you can see the Southern Dancing Lights right here in the town of Flinders in Australia? Yes, so if you thought to see the mid-night lights can cost you heavens then many towns in Australia would surprise you at an affordable price.


Commonly popular as man-made heaven, Singapore is more than a perfect country. This little nation offers dancing fountains, fantastic view of Helix Bridge, gorgeous gardens, boat rides with mind-blowing city views and much more. Singapore is also a fashion lover’s paradise and Orchard Street is the best place to find the most fashionable outfit for you. Spending a day at Sentosa Island and snorkelling with the aquatic creatures can truly make your trip worth every penny.

Did we miss out on any of your favourite destinations? Tell us in the comment and we shall be through with your plans.


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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Travel in 2020 – Travelladder


Some smart ways to save money would not only help you travel more in your budget but would also help you survive inflation. These tips to save money on your travel during the next vacation can definitely reduce your expense one-fourth of the regular. Read on and tell us the best of the budget travel tips for your holiday trips 2020.

Travel Off-Season

This by far can beat any of the budget travel tips popular on the internet. Off-season doesn’t only ensure low rates for most activities but also helps escape the crowded tourist places. Each destination has its own off-season time that needs to be researched. Even the hotel rates are really reasonable due to lesser frequency of tourists. Most discount deals also run during these months and hence this is like a big win-win bonanza.

Grab the Flight Deals

If you are a frequent flyer, you may get miles or points on certain airlines. Besides this, the monsoon sales or the periodic sales of airlines must be utilized in the right way. For this, you must pre-plan your holidays and can accordingly check the cheapest flights. Some agencies and airlines also show the cheapest flights available to a less-explored destination. This might be a surprise discovery of an offbeat destination at a dirt-cheap price.

Carry Your Essentials

Medicines, face creams, cosmetics, specific toiletries and other items may seem to be a very little expense in your own country. However, the possibilities are more than the same items may not be available in the country you are travelling to. The difference in taxes, currency rates and other factors contribute to the price rise in the other countries and would eventually cost you much. Especially, the medicines, even if they are just the supplements it must be carried from your country to avoid paying for the prescription. Similarly, adapter, charger, camera batteries and other items must be carried without fail.

Choose an Apartment over a Hotel

Book Your Hotels are easy and luxurious but what if you get way better amenities without paying anything extra? In most countries, serviced apartments can be rented for an even longer duration. These stay options provide fully furnished house including a well-equipped kitchen. Especially, for vegetarians and spice lovers, this is the best option to get the taste of your choice. Not only this, there is even the facility of the ordering of food online and grocery storage in the fridge.  Availability of fruits and milk make it easy for you to have juices, milkshakes, tea, coffee and fruits at your convenient time. Such apartments are actually a boon for families with kids.

Avoid Tourist Shops and Go Local

The shops and even the restaurants near any tourist attraction are set up keeping in mind the helpless tourists who wouldn’t have many options but pay hefty prices. Tourist shops are big traps to make the tourists pay more. In many popular cities, such shops may be a big scam. Thus, always prefer local shops. Same goes with the restaurants. A local restaurant in any residential or non-touristy area usually charges normally and also serves authentic local food.

Keep a list of Free Visits Days

Most countries have dedicated off days on which visitors don’t have to pay entry fees. This can really help you save much. Some museums or attractions also have free hours of entry. For example, the Mesquita in Cordoba, Spain allows a free entry between 7 is to 9 am.

Trump the Student Card

The student’s ID card can get you even the most expensive ticket at half the price. This doesn’t imply only for museums but also for certain parks, sanctuaries and activities that offer huge discounts to students. Thus, don’t forget to carry your ID if you are studying in any of the universities. This also implies if you are travelling with teenage kids.

Opt for Overnight Journeys

Overnight journeys are cheap and also save on hotel stay expenses. In most countries, the overnight trains are comfortable enough to survive for a night. Sleeper and luxury buses provide you services equivalent to any long flights. What can be better than travelling and saving at the same time!

Hostels can be a Savior Too

If you are travelling with a group or family then the private rooms and even the dorms of hostels turn out to be the cheapest. They do not provide room services like hotels but the happening cafeteria, free activities and meeting other interesting travellers is definitely worth it.

Choose your Travel Agents Wisely

Some travel agencies can give you an immense benefit of the offers they earn for their customers. From reasonable flights to all-inclusive travel packages, it is a win-win deal for all. We, at Travelladder, Ensure an experience worth every penny spent by our customers. Contact us to design a vacation in your budget.



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This Winter take a Dare to Complete One of These Winter Treks in the Himalayas -Travelladder


Winter is already here, Himalayas have already been decked up by the first winter snow! And you, have you even planned your little adventure in the mighty mountains? If not, here we are to help you choose the best suitable trekking trail in the Himalayas. From the most difficult of the Chadar Trek to the easiest trail of Triund, this list of the best Winter Treks in the Himalayas includes something for every kind of trekker. So, keep reading and find your winter trek of the year.

Chadar Trek

This once-in-a-year trekking trail opens as the temperature drops to minus degrees and the region of Ladakh freezes off. The trail takes the course of the frozen river of Zangskar which flows ferociously during summers. The trek is definitely a challenging one with freezing cold weather and unending walk on the ice. In the end of the trek, the trekkers are blessed with a sight of the frozen Nerak Waterfall painted in different hues of ice. Owing to the barren beauty offered by Chadar Trek, it definitely tops the list of the best winter treks in the Himalayas.

Kedarkantha Trek

The most beautiful of the winter treks in the Himalayas, Kedarkantha, is an absolute dream for the trekkers. The trek turns more challenging with the fresh snow piled up on the precarious mountain trails. The base village Sankri is also a snow lover’s delight during winter. To sum it up, this is one of the most popular and beautiful treks to be done in winters.

Nag Tibba Trek

Starting from one of the cutest Garhwali Village of Pantwari, Nag Tibba Trek is a viewpoint to see the sturdy peaks of Swargarohini, Bandarpoonchh and Black Peak.  It is just a 3 days long hike from Delhi and only 2 days from the base village. All those looking to venture into a snowy mountain-scape on a weekend, Nag Tibba serves the best adventure, picturesque views and an escape from the usual city life.

Kuari Pass Trek

What can be more fun than a combo fun of visiting a skiing destination and trekking to a mesmerizing mountain pass? Yes, Kuari Pass, a 33 km trek, is a beginner’s favourite trek for its connection with Auli. Despite being a moderate trek on the scale of difficulty, the spectacular view of the famous peaks is an advantage of taking all the efforts. Mt. Trishul, Dronagiri Parvat, Nanda Devi Peak, Kamet and Chaukhambha form an impressive sight for the trekkers.

If you wish to experience the best of Uttarakhand, plan your trek now. Contact us and we will ensure the best of experience.

Har Ki Doon Trek

A trek which is not about achieving altitude but experiencing the culture, wonders of nature and playing with rosy-cheeked Garhwali Kids. The mythology suggests the Har ki Dun trail away to Swargarohini as taken by the Pandavas in Mahabharat. Surprisingly, you would also come across some villages that worshipped Duryodhana till very recently. In fact, the ladies in this kingdom of Duryodhana were married to all the brothers in the groom’s house the way Draupadi did. Does it sound interesting? Plan this interesting trek in Uttarakhand with Travelladder and enjoy it with your trek buddies.

Triund and Lake Glacier Trek

If you are in for some DIY trek plan, Triund is waiting for you. Starting from the Tibetan headquarter of Mcleodganj, Triund trek can be easily attempted by any first-timer. Starting from the Gallu Devi temple, Triund top can be reached within a day. For those who wish to continue further, you can head to the glacier lake from the Triund Top. However, one needs a guide to head higher in the snow.

Hampta Pass Trek

Another easy trek in Himachal starts from Manali. So, if you are planning for Manali, then a short trek to Hampta Pass is a must-do thing during your trip.  The trail takes you from deep dense forest to the open meadows covered in snow. The scenic beauty of Hampta in winters is a blissful delight. You may occasionally spot some birds in the forest and maybe a magical snowfall amidst the tall Deodar trees.

Kheerganga Trek

What can be better than trekking to a natural hot spring on a cold winter day? Kheerganga is a therapeutic hot spring located near an ancient Shiva temple on a Himalayan Hill. This trail can be covered either from Kalga Village or Nagthan village and both the trails offer gorgeous views along the dashing river Parvati. This trek can also be easily done on a weekend and is perfect for those who are running short of leaves.

Parashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake is a quaint trek exposing you to some beautiful vistas as you walk on the snow-filled paths. This holy place surrounded by snow and a frozen lake in the centre looks straight out of a dream. This too is one of the best options for the first time winter trekking.

Kareri Lake Trek

A trail passing through the dense forests of Dharmshala, opening in snow-filled plains and cute villages burdened under the snow, leads to Kareri Lake. Starting from Mcleodganj, this is the second interesting trek after Triund. However, you may need camp arrangements for the night at the lake.


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This Guide to the Cheapest Winter Destinations in Europe has All you Need

Winter-destinations-in-Europe-Blog 3-November 2019

Do you think Europe Trip would cost a fortune? Well, it definitely doesn’t. A bit of planning while keeping the seasons and countries in mind may make your Europe trip extremely affordable. Europe can mainly be divided into the western, eastern and northern part which is directly related to how expensive the countries are. While Nordic countries are really expensive, Eastern Europe can be as expensive as India or a South-East Asian country. This is the key to enjoy that Europe dreams without cracking a hole in your pocket. Here are the cheapest winter destinations to consider for your next vacation.

Prague – Czech Republic

This gorgeous town would always top the winter destinations list for its adorable scenery during this season. Besides offering picturesque views, dirt cheap Czech beers, plenty of nature and historic sites, Prague also proves to be quite a reasonable travel destination. The public transport and low-budget hotels of Prague are very feasible on Indian Rupee. Prague is even a gateway for winter day trips. Outdoor adventure lovers and photographers too would die for a winter vacation in Prague.

Contact us to plan your winter trip to Prague and around and we will curate the best of the most Instaworthy spots for you.


This not so famous country, especially its historic town Tallinn turns into a Disney movie set in December. Undoubtedly, roaming around the cute little towns in this country would be the best thing to do in winter. Among the other activities, tourists love kick sledging on fresh snow or frozen lakes, ice-skating and skiing. A few famous tourist spots also offer guided snow treks in the hills of Estonia. For luxury outdoor activities you can opt to go on motorised excursions at Toosikannu Holiday Centre. In short, Estonia is an all-rounder when it comes to winter tourism provisions.

Want to find the best budget accommodations for your Europe itinerary? Call us now to book your package.


Who isn’t aware of the majestic past that influenced the modern civilizations? However, Greece has much more to offer than just history lessons. Santorini, the name itself is enough to excite a traveller to visit the beautiful country of Greece. The white-washed houses sitting like a creamy cake on the Greek shore makes for an ultimate winter getaway. The towns like Athens, Delphi and Meteora take you on a ruined trail telling the tales of Geek history. On the other hand, Greek islands like Crete, Paros and Samos lets you soak the winter sun along the emerald waters.


One of the best alternatives to the Alps, Slovakia has all that which is expensive in other countries, in a budget. From restaurants to ski-resorts, everything reasonable is right here in Slovakia. Beautiful hills, ancient castles and dense forests covered with snow are loved by every tripper. Most importantly, all these come at a price that is usually affordable. The off-season starts January onwards and even most tourists leave the country by that time which ensures not so crowded places.


Thermal baths tempt most tourists looking for a rejuvenating vacation to Lithuania. The lesser-known capital city of Vilnius would surely take your heart away with its rustic charm and light snowfalls during Christmas. The fun part is that you get to enjoy sunny days as well as occasional snow during winters here. The hot springs of Lithuania are open throughout the year and the spa towns like Palanga and Bristonas are must-visit.


This country is blessed with mountains on a side and sprawling beaches on the other.  Montenegro is quiet and full of surprises at the beginning of winter. It experiences drastically different weather in different parts of the country. In the mountains, you can enjoy skiing while on the beaches you can bask in the warm sun. From wine tasting to fishing and from skiing to hiking, you can make the most of your vacation in this little country.


Romania is a bundle of a surprise when it comes to travelling in winter. The mystic castles in the country are almost empty during winter. So, the castle of Dracula in Transylvania might be all for yourself. Besides this, there are also ancient monasteries and fortress to explore. Romania also makes its local wine. And thus, local wine tasting can be a fun activity to do while driving through the scenic roads. Budget stays and affordable restaurants serving scrumptious food make Romania an irresistible winter destination.

Have you chosen your destinations for your next winter vacation?

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Done With Thailand? Now Explore These Lesser-Known Islands in South East Asia

not-so-popular-beach-destination-in SEA- BLOG-2-NOVWhile every other group of tourists wants to visit the world-famous James Bond or Koh Phi Phi islands, the true beach lovers are ditching such mainstream islands for some of the lesser-known beach destinations. The unadulterated beauty of these not-so-famous islands of South East Asia tempts the solitude lovers to drop the famous ones. These islands let you have the feel of being on a deserted private island without actually spending a whopping amount to buy one. Check this list of offbeat beaches of South East Asia and plan your winter trip to a few of them.

Panampangan Island, Philippines

If you want to get lost on an island filled with fine white sand and rustic cottages with splendid views then Panampangan is just custom-made for you. This island is encamped by the military groups and also has the longest sand bar. This can ensure the much-needed solitude with security. It is just 45 minutes away from Bongao from where the speed boats bring you to this piece of heaven on earth.  Along with Panampangan, the tourists also prefer to visit other islands in the province of Tawi Tawi. Simunul, Sanga-Sanga, Panguan, and Sibutu Island are a few to name. Swim, walk on the shore, relish the gorgeous views or explore the ancient mosques, these islands wouldn’t let you rest if you are a curious wanderer. This makes Panampangan one of the best of the lesser-known islands in South East Asia.

Mcleod Island, Myanmar

Trek in the hills to reach this secluded island or take a cruise all the way from Thailand, your journey to this no man’s land would thrill you either way. A Jetty near the Kawthaung airport in Myanmar runs regular boat trips to Mcleod Island that looks insanely beautiful with the green hill ranging along the shore. If you had ever dreamt of a day on a private island then your dream would come true in Macleod. Swim, Snorkel or scuba dive to explore the aqua wonderland of the Andaman Sea here. The rich flora and fauna of the uninhabited island is also a great exploratory option for nature lovers. Apart from Mcleod Island, it is also possible to explore other of the total 800 islands in the Mergui Archipelago in the Southern Myanmar region.

Gili Island, Indonesia

While Bali is one of the most visited islands in Indonesia, the group of Gili islands has been much frequented for its surreal views and turquoise waters. The Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno make the whole of Gili Island but each of them also ensures to offer totally different vibes to the visitors. Gili Trawangan is the most happening one with the best night clubs and imported spirits. On the other hand, Gili  Meno offers a laid back vibe for those who wish to stay away from the party nuisance. Luxury boutique hotels of these islands now lure more tourists who want to skip Bali and enjoy the silent shores.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Recently, Langkawi has been the most popular among honeymooners. Dirt cheap alcohol to buzzing nightlife, Langkawi rocks it all. Among the effortless thrills offered by this island is the 125 meter-long Sky Bridge set up at the height of 700 meters above the sea level. A cable car drops the tourists at the top of this pedestrian bridge from where they can enjoy the astounding view of the valley flanked by waterfalls. Posing at the Eagle Square with 12-ft tall eagle sculpture and getting familiarized with the sea creatures at the Langkawi Underwater House are a few of the must-do activities on this island. Wildlife and adventure enthusiasts can venture into Gunung Raya, the highest peak of the region that is inhabited by exotic birds and fierce wildlife.

Con Dao, Vietnam

This group of islands floating on the emerald waters of the southeast coast of Vietnam is best known for their coral reefs, marine life, and boundless sandy beaches. In addition to cruising, diving, hiking, and soaking in the art of nature, exploring the tropical forests of this island is an exciting adventure for curious wayfarers. Tiger Cages, Phu Hai Prison, Bai Dat Doc, Bay Canh are a few of the top attractions on the list of things to do on these islands. While most tourists flock towards Halong Bay, cruising through this lesser-known island of Con Dao is the best thing to do on your trip to South East Asia.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The eastern-most island of the Indonesian Archipelago, Raja Ampat, lures tourists with its striking beauty.  Diversity of marine life, wild animals, dancing birds and abundance of nature has brought this island on the wish-list of most travellers. Wayag in Raja Ampat is a paradise of scuba divers. The colourful coral reefs and a variety of vivid sea creatures bring hundreds of divers to these narrow islands.

Is South East Asia beach hopping and scuba diving on your list? Contact us for the best itinerary comprising of the unexplored and lesser-known beach destinations in South East Asia.