Explore Karnataka Beyond Coorg and Mysore

The state which has it all for the travellers, trekkers and pilgrims, is also one of India’s best states catering tourism industry. From the ruins of Hampi and Badami to the surreal vistas of Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka is meant for almost every kind of traveller. Here is a specially created list of the best places to visit in Karnataka beyond the clichéd Mysore and Coorg.

Go Beach Hopping at Gokarna

Gokarna surprises its visitors with its sprawling beaches, sizzling sunsets and the camping grounds under the night sky studded with stars. Besides its connection with the mythology that calls it the Kashi of South, Gokarna is a hippie paradise that offers secluded beaches and a variety of options in water sports. Banana boat rides, surfing, parasailing, speed boating and beach motor riding are some of the most thrilling water sports experience. In fact, to tame the adventurous spirit in you, you can also opt to learn to ride on the waves. These surfing lessons can also be tried by even beginners who plan to learn basic skills.

Beach trekking from Gokarna to Paradise beach is another thrilling activity. Traversing the hills that look over the horizon beyond the Arabian Sea is a not so difficult trekking venture in Gokarna. On the other hand, the beach cafes like Surya, Mantra and Sunset cafe complete your trip with the lip-smacking food.

Dig into the Pages of Past at Hampi

The ancient temples, market structures and royal complexes undoubtedly make Hampi a history lover’s paradise. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be right to classify Hampi exclusively for history buffs. The newfound adventures of heritage trekking and bouldering helped Hampi make its debut on the map of adventure destinations in India. Apart from this, sailing on traditional coracles at Sanapur Lake, exploring the ancient village of Annegude, climbing to the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and exploring the green fields surrounding the village are some of the must-do interesting things in Hampi.

The hippie island on the other bank of the Tungabhadra River in Hampi is famous for the parties in the wild. The jungle stays and cafes with astounding sceneries have also turned out to be popular among youngsters. For the foodie souls, the Mango Tree Café of Hampi serves some exotic varieties.

Roaring Waterfalls of Karnataka

The highest waterfalls in Karnataka, Jog Falls, are world-famous for creating cascades of the roaring white falls. A plight of 1400 steps from the hills takes you to the base where you can get drenched in the foggy showers of the falls. Jog Falls has recently been more famous for its water sports and night camps. The burble of falls and the sweet music of the birds together create the best of nature’s sound.

Shivanasamudra and Barachukki Falls are also a sight to admire during or right after monsoons.  These falls are just a day trip away from Bangalore and Mysore. Hebbe Falls, Vibhuti Falls, Sathodi Falls, Magod Falls, Gokak Falls and Hoggenakal Falls are best to be combined on your trips to North Karnataka or South Karnataka. Contact us for an itinerary that covers the best of the places to visit in Karnataka.

Get Adventurous in the Western Ghats

Karnataka is blessed with a fertile plain of Kaveri on a side and the western coast is crowned by the Western Ghats. The rich flora and fauna of the hills have paved the way to unusual trails of snakes spotting, bird watching and wild insects chasing. Moreover, the trekking trails of Kumara Parvat, Kudremukh, Kodachadri, Skandgiri and Makalidurga satisfy your wanderlust. Nigh camping in the forests of Western Ghats of Karnataka, after a tedious hike, can really heal your tiredness with the gentle breeze and majestic views.

For those who are not so keen about trekking but still loves camping in the wild, these hills have an abundance of campsites too. Book a pleasant stay in the camps of Karnataka amidst nature. You can contact us through the helpline number or leave a mail.

Stroll Around the Coffee Gardens of Chikkamagaluru

Did you know that the ubiquitous Café Coffee Day chains first started in a coffee estate of Chikkamagaluru? Hundreds of such authentic coffee garden cafes still lay hidden in the rolling hills of Chikkamagaluru. Take a stroll, grab a cup of freshly ground coffee or devote a day in the garden to learn all about your favourite beverage. The town also has a coffee museum that explains the history and the making process of Chikkamagaluru coffee. A ride to the hills of Mullayangiri, Baba Budangiri or Kemannagundi is an amazing idea to be in the clouds and watch dramatic sunsets. While in this beautiful town you must also include the picturesque lakes in your itinerary.

Revisit the Malgudi Days at Agumbe

Though Malgudi was nothing more than an imaginary town in the stories of R. K. Narayan, it has been brought alive recently by the government of Karnataka. Malgudi Days series was shot in a small village in Agumbe where Doddamane, Swami’s house still stands sturdy. Malgudi station has been set up to take you back in time where the evenings were all about the TV series Malgudi Days.

Agumbe is also well-known for the mystic forests, incessant rains and charismatic sunrays. It is a perfect getaway for a breath in pure nature inhabited by the wild.

Feel the Spiritual High at Udupi

This temple town of Karnataka is encompassed by mesmerizing islands and beaches. St. Mary Island which is accessible from Malpe Beach presents you with blue water shores. The scene here can be compared to that of the islands in Andaman. A bird’s eye view of the outskirts of Udupi from the lighthouse at Kapu Beach is also a not-to-be-missed experience.

Krishna Temple in Udupi tells a story of devotion with its unusual idol that faces the backside window. It also serves the most delicious of special Brahmin food cooked by the pundits of the temple. Krishna temple comes to its best glory on Krishna Janmashtami. On this day the temple complex is filled with the vibes of festivities, spirituality and devotion.

Make your specially curated Karnataka itinerary with us. Call or contact us now.

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North East is Calling! Best Places to Visit in 7 Sisters States

North East is Calling Best Places to Visit in 7 Sisters States22

The bright azure sky dotted by fluffy clouds, trails carpeted by orchids, valleys crafted by the tumbling Himalayan rivers and the forests flanked by the wild, the ravishing beauty of North East can’t just be described in words. The tribal lands perched in the lap of the Shivalik Range are the mighty gateway of the Sun to the Indian land. These must-visit places in North East India would tell you why exactly this Himalayan region is a heaven. A week-long road trip in the North East of India with your travel gang or family is an excellent summer holiday idea.

Sohra in Meghalaya

Sohra or Cherra, a North East town, is popular for its highest rainfall and turns into a tourist hotspot post-monsoon. The surrounding Khasi hills are clad in fresh green bushes. The clouds lingering over the hills appear to be the magical carpets of the gods. This heavenly abode must be visited also for its  living-root bridges. This is a prolific art practiced by the tribes wherein they weave the roots of a rubber tree without cutting it from its main trunk. These woven roots eventually connect the two lands. It is famously called the ‘living-root bridges’. The Double-decker Bridge at Nongriat village is the most frequented one but trekking to the other bridges in the region is also a thrilling adventure.

This town, receiving the highest rainfall, also provides some majestic views of the cascading waterfalls. With Nohkalikai Falls being the most spectacular one, the tourists can also extend their exploration to Nohsngithiang Falls, Kynrem Falls, Wah Kaba Falls and the Rainbow Falls.

A Floating Island of Majuli, Assam

Majuli, the largest River Island in the world, can definitely be classified as one of the natural wonders in India. This illusionary lake, formed on River Brahmaputra, seems to be a set of little grassy islands floating on water. The only way to reach this unique island is to take a ferry from Jorhat town. A day by the Majuli Island staying in the traditional tribal bamboo huts is an incredible experience. The rich culture of Majuli is also being preserved through the means of tourism. The interesting tribal craft, Assamese handlooms and the craft of mask making are truly the best experiences for the culture lovers. The masks made of paper and clay, painted in bright colors, are famous all over the world. However, the Hindu monasteries that are preserving the art and culture of the region would be an enchanting place to experience the cultural essence of Majuli.

Dzukou Valley of Nagaland

The giant waves of the grassy hills in the faraway land of this valley, is a panoramic vista with its breathtaking views. A hike in monsoon season for the blooming flowers of the valley is a must-have experience. The valley looks spectacular post-monsoon till late September. Jhakhama, a little village near Kohima is the gateway to these majestic hills. Dzukou Valley lies quite near the border of Manipur in the state of Nagaland. Besides the pretty views of the valley, you can also explore the little hamlets inhabited by the ancient tribes.

Architectural Heritage of Unakoti in Tripura

The forest surrounding the rocky hills of Unakoti hides a legend in its gigantic sculptures. The main sculpture is that of Unakotishwara, while the other interesting part is the adjoining sculpture of his consort sitting on a lion. Other sculptures in this archaeological site are also equally intriguing. As per the folktale, a Shiva devotee named Kalu Kumhar, who wished to join the entourage of Lord Shiva, chiseled them out overnight. The condition put forth by Goddess Parvati was to make a crore of sculptures in one night. However, Kalu Kumhar could complete only 99,99,999 and could sadly not join Lord Shiva to Kailash. This number also explains the name ‘Una Koti’ which is the word used for the numbers.

The Crystal Clear Waters of Dawki

Green waters of Dawki’s Umngot River can literally blow your mind with its illusionary quality of creating a transparent layer that makes the boat appear floating in the air. The clear waters of Dawki are also an impeccable choice for underwater diving. Winters and sunshine make the pure Dawki waters glow green. A short hike to the hills on its bank gives a phenomenal view of the lingering river. A bridge built on this river is a tourist attraction too. The town of Dawki lies near Bangladesh Border and is a trade link between the two countries. This gem is totally one of the best must-visit places in North East India.

Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh

The onset of spring in the month of April brings the most colorful blossoms and the travelers from around the world to this exotic Valley. The high passes and peaks connected to the Valley witnesses the fresh snow till the end of May. This makes the state of Arunachal one of the best summer destinations for snow lovers. On the other hand, the blooming of orchid forests and orchards in Ziro Valley calls for celebrations. From traditional festivals to the modern Ziro Music festival, every kind of travelers has something in store here. In a special mention, Ziro valley is enriched with fresh harvest of kiwis, cherries, mud apples, peach and plums in the month of September. The local wine made-up of these special fruits is not just an alcoholic drink but a healing potion for your soul.

Gurudongmar Lake , Sikkim

This holy lake where the Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus travel for a divine experience is an absolute treat to the eyes at an altitude of 5,183 meters. The frozen winter lake turns into a charismatic beauty. It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava who is much venerated in Tibetan Buddhism had passed by this auspicious lake and so did the Sikh Guru during his spiritual journey across India. If you have ever been fascinated by the gorgeous beauty of Tibetan Himalayas then Gurudongmar Lake and other parts of north Sikkim resemble the beautiful Tibetan plateau. The high altitude land is dry with sparse vegetation and population but the colorful prayer flags and monasteries makeup for the bland barrenness.

Plan you dream road trip to the North East and travel these must-visit places through our itinerary.

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Must-Visit Destinations in Spain

Must-Visit Destinations in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular European destinations owing to its rich culture, architectural heritage, fun-loving people, sunny beaches and most important of all, lip-smacking Spanish food. This is one such country where life feels to be good. Even a weeklong tour to Spain isn’t enough to enjoy the best of this country. Here is the list of the best places to visit in Spain that would help you plan your Spain itinerary based on your interest in architecture, adventure, culture or the beaches.

Barcelona for the Gaudi Architecture

From Casa Battilo to Sagrada Familia, Barcelona takes you on a ride of Gaudi’s artistic creations. If you have ever searched for Barcelona, you must have definitely seen at least one image of a building studded with tiny colourful tiles where the balconies have a structure of a skeleton. That is exactly what Casa Batillo is famous for. Sagrada Familia is the iconic church of Barcelona that is under construction since centuries. Showcasing the Art Nouveau, one of the main revolutionary arts during the Renaissance in Europe, most of the buildings in Barcelona would leave you awestruck. Park Guell is another not-to-be-missed Gaudi architecture from where you can get the sprawling view of the old city of Barcelona. Font Magica, a beautiful fountain outside the National Museum of Modern Art, is a perfect place for a soothing evening in this bustling city.


Granada for Flamenco

The musicians from India traversed to Spain and settled in the caves of Mount Sacramento. The very caves are now tourist attractions in Spain. Guided tours along with a night Flamenco show in one of the ancient caves, is a must-do thing while in Granada. Apart from the similarity in its music, Flamenco also finds its twin tap dance called ‘Kathak’ in India. Despite being so similar, the charm and grace of both the dance forms are completely different. Most of the bars and restaurants also provide for a complementary Flamenco show in Granada. A tour of the mighty castle of Alhambra also must not be missed here.


Seville for its Cathedral

The majestic cathedral of Seville is world-famous not only for its architecture but also for the tomb of Columbus who is supposed to have discovered the land of America. The Alcazar (palace) of Seville also lures a handful of tourists every year. Located on the bank of Guadalquivir River, this Spanish city smells amazing in spring with flowering orange trees all around its old town. Seville can also be combined with a day trip to its twin city Cordoba. Both Seville and Cordoba can be visited for their adventure sport of sky diving from as high as 15000+ ft.


Cordoba’s Flower Festival 

This town is usually visited for its biggest Mosque-Cathedral and the historic golden carving in its interior. However, the arrival of spring marks the beginning of the most celebrated flower festival in Cordoba. As per the legend, the Muslim kings in the city emphasized on every house being as beautiful as a paradise. Thus, each house is constructed in a way that the central square is meant for the flower plants. These tiny gardens are popularly known as the ‘Patios De Cordoba’. It is truly a mind-boggling experience to walk through the white lanes of Cordoba clad in colourful flowers.


Pamplona’s Bull Race

Most of us are aware of the thrilling scene from the Hrithik Roshan starrer ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ wherein the actors ran along with the bulls precariously escaping the hit. This race is a part of the 9 days long festival of Sanfermines. If the adventure means escaping death for you then you must try this unique sport. If not, it is still thrilling to watch people running for their life ahead of the bulls.


Valencia for its Emerald Beaches and La Tomatina

Valencia is a coastal city of Spain with a number of modern architecture erected right on the shore. The emerald waters and the white sand of the Spanish beaches are a sight to behold. If you are a beach lover, Valencia’s sun kissed beaches are meant just for you. For adding some thrill to your relaxing beach vacation, you can also attend La Tomatina Festival held in the village of Bunol, 25 miles off Valencia. This crazy festival of hitting each other with smashed tomatoes is immensely popular all over the world. Booking for this tour is filled well in advance, so plan well for the August next year if La Tomatina is on your travel bucket list.


Madrid for its City Vibes

Madrid is one of the bustling cities of Spain flanked by the most modern architecture. If you are planning to enjoy the nightlife in Spain the Madrid would provide the best bars, pubs and clubs with a dazzling view of the city skyline. The grand palaces and captivating gardens of the city give it an antique touch. Madrid’s Temple of Debod is one of the rarest Egyptian temples in this part of Europe and the view of the city of Madrid from the viewpoint here is just mesmerizing.


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10 Instaworthy Spots in South East Asia

10 Instaworthy Spots in South East Asia

Instagram has hugely turned out to be a platform to set your travel goals. The travel albums and journals are now replaced by the Instagallery. And it should not at all be a clichéd thing to travel just to compile a modern version of travel journal called Instagram. A trip to South East Asia would provide you with an opportunity to visit all those dreamy Insta pictures in reality. Here is a list of some of the most instagrammable places in South East Asia.


Ha Long Bay – Vietnam 


This UNESCO natural world heritage site in Vietnam has also been featured in many movies. With emerald waters flanked by towering rock islands, this place looks perfectly instaworthy. These islands with jaw-dropping views can be reached only by cruising through it. Halong Bay, in the local language, means the ‘descending dragons’. Proving true to its name, the scenery looks quite similar to the dragons flying over the bay. Its evergreen biosystem attracts thousands of tourists every day. The cruise services extend from a day to a full week of cruising to the famous islands in Halong Bay. The luxury cruises take care of all your requirements while you enjoy this natural wonder. The islands habited by tropical rain forests are also visited for the mysterious caves. Hang Dau Go caves in this area are the most famous of all.


Ubud – Bali


Every corner of this Indonesian town is an insta frame. The never-ending view of paddy fields dotted with Balinese Hindu temples look like a creation of some artists. Ubud Palace and Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave become perfect architectural background. The dancing apsaras, add to the heavenly feeling that the town of Ubud gives. The craft markets of Ubud are also filled with Balinese creations and the colourful pieces can artistically fit into your insta gallery.


Bagan – Myanmar 


The grassy land of Myanmar dotted by conical stupas and Buddhist temples look captivating with the backdrop of hills wrapped in clouds. On a winter morning, the view of Bagan temples looks magically amazing as it wraps itself into a blanket of mist. And the balloons hovering over this majestic scenery just make it perfectly instaworthy. You can also enjoy a Hot air balloon ride over the town of Bagan and watch the perfect set up of temples from bird’s eye view. A boat ride on Irrawaddy River during sunset also gives you some vibrant pictures for your gallery. Day trip to Mount Popa and the guided tour of the temples of Bagan are among the other things to do in Bagan.


Wat Rong Khun – Thailand


The white temple, as it is famously known, reflecting itself on the waters of the artificial lake surrounding it, lures thousands of Instagrammers. It’s not the grandeur of this temple that enchants people, but its artistic creation in its every single element. Located around 13 km away from the city of Chiang Rai, this temple has a fairytale-like entrance through a bridge. Finely carved sculptures and intricate carvings on its pillars is a sight to gaze at and admire for hours. The amalgamation of modern sculptures like that of the Terminator and Wolverine is quite fascinating too. While the beauty of the main temple creates a pleasant feeling, the spooky hands and skeletons reaching out from the lake keep you aware of the futility of the worldly pleasures.


Pura Luhur Lempuyang – Bali


This ‘Gate to Heaven’ located in Bali needs a special mention. The two pillared structure at this Balinese Hindu Temple actually has the power to make hundreds of people stand patiently in a queue for just one picture. Luhur Lempuyang Mountain is much venerated as natural heaven. Besides being a famous attraction in Thailand, it is also an ancient sacred architecture. Based on Balinese cosmology the whole mountain was divided into three parts and each of them was dedicated to the creator-Brahma, the protector – Vishnu and the destroyer – Shiva. All these attractions in Bali have made it the world’s most famous travel destination.


Cau Vang – Vietnam Golden Bridge 


This 150-meter long bridge at the Ba Na Hills Resort has recently become the cynosure of Instagrammers’ eyes. The magnificent view from this bridge held by two gigantic stone hands attracts many visitors throughout the year. The bridge is ring-shaped and thus eventually connects the other end. The resort is basically an amusement park and the bridge is reachable only by riding the cable car from the base of the hill. Surprisingly, the cable car is another man-made wonder. It is the world’s longest cable car leading to the Vietnam Golden Bridge.


Plain of Jars – Laos


This archaeological landscape in the not so famous South Asian country of Laos, is filled with historic wonders. The Xieng Khouang plateau, on which the large stone jars are scattered, is a grassy upland surrounded by a few hills in its vicinity. There is not just one but many grounds filled with the stone jars dating back to the Iron Age. They are supposed to have been used for the storage purpose which marked human’s development from hunters to farmers and gatherers. The Plain of Jars looks utmost beautiful post-monsoon.


High Swing at Ubud Rice Terrace – Bali 


The brand new tourism activity of swinging over the lush green fields is quickly kicking up thanks to the Instagrammers. Apart from being an instaworthy activity in Ubud, it is an enthralling experience wherein you are swinging on some of the world’s highest swings without any belts or chains around you. Of course, it is not for the faint hearted. These swings are also popular as ‘the swings at the end of the world’. While on your South East Asia Tip, you must try these pretty swings and conquer your fears.


Koh Tao View Point – Thailand 


One of the most picturesque islands of Thailand is more famous for its hikes to the viewpoint. A few of the most famous viewpoints at Koh Tao island includes John Suwan Viewpoint, West Coast, Love Koh Tao, Mango Viewpoint and Koh Nangyuan viewpoint. You can surely project your photography skills with different compositions of the captivating views of the island. The tourists must take a ferry to this island and also, most of the trip planners include it in the Thailand trip itinerary.


Old Town Street, Ipoh – Malaysia 


Malaysia, a country that is famous for its modern buildings and creations, has a colourful side in its old town of Ipoh. The murals on the walls of its streets have become more like frames or backdrops for the pretty poses. Apart from just clicking and posing, a guided tour to this art town would also quench your thirst for knowledge about this town.


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Enjoy the Winter Festivals at These Popular Spots

Enjoy the Winter Festivals at These Popular Spots

The onset of winter marks the beginning of the festivities in India. Though the same festivals are celebrated across the country under different name, some places have achieved a special status because of their fascinating way of celebration. Following are the famous destinations in India that are more popular for their festivals.

Dussehra at Kullu, Bastar and Mysore

Most of us would have heard about the grandeur of the Mysore Dussehra which is a vibrant carnival of ten days that is celebrated at the Mysore palace. These cultural extravaganza is then followed by a procession wherein the royal elephants carry the golden ‘ambari’  and the idol of the goddess all the way till the Chamundeshwari Temple on Chamundi Hills.

A similar interesting procession is held in Kullu . The locals and the tourists from all around the world come together at kullu for the celebration of Dussehra. Each Himalayan tribe wears its own traditional attire and sing the religious songs throughout the procession. The traditional musicians play special tunes praying the deties of Kullu to shower blessings. Owing to its popularity, this festival has been declared as the “International Event” by the government.

If you want to witness the ultimate celebration that continues for 75 days altogether, the tribal region of Chhattisgarh is the best for you. The leading deity here is the Danteshwari Devi in Jagdalpur who is worshipped day and night as per the tribal rituals. Apart from witnessing the unique tribal culture, you can also enjoy the post-monsoon forest beauty. India’s Niagara Falls AKA Chitrakot Falls are also located in the same region.

Dev Deepawali in Varanasi

The night that marks the arrival of the gods is celebrated in the most mesmerizing manner. The already beautiful Ghats of Varanasi are clad in lakhs of earthen lamps the reflection of which can be seen flickering on the waters of the mighty Ganga. The lamps setup creating the symbols of the Hindu religion can be best admired through a boat ride along the ghats. This festival must also be at the top of your bucket list for its never-seen-before element. This festival saga continues with the cultural program performed on the stage floating on the river.

Lohri in Punjab

Probably the most colourful event in Punjab is the harvesting festival of Lohri. The ladies are clad in pretty traditional attires and the men express their happiness with the turbans in variety of colours. This is the perfect time if you are fascinated by Punjabi Folk songs and wish to dig more into this euphoric culture. Bhangda and Giddha performances are also common along with a tempting feast of ‘makke di roti and sarso da saag’. The festival can best be enjoyed at any village surrounded by farms in Punjab.

Nyokum Yullo in Arunachal Pradesh

This festival is still untouched by the commercialization. The ceremonial extravaganza here will take you on a time travel to the days when you read fictional stories about the tribes in the hills. The Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal believes in the concept of spirits that reside in every natural element. The priest here do not study, they are born with the knowledge of unwritten mantras that help them connect with the spirits during the Nyokum Yullo. It is a pre-harvest festival wherein every species of plants and a few animals are worshipped. On the final day, a bull is sacrificed to please the natural spirits who shower blessings of plenty harvests in the coming season. The beautiful girls clad in red and cream and the men wearing the caps studded with the beak of a hornbill is a sight to admire.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Jaisalmer Desert Festival has been an internationally renowned event that usually occurs in the month of November or December. The folk singers and dancers present the utmost rich culture that flourished in the golden desert of Thar in Rajasthan. The Jaisalmer Fort stands shining as the backdrop of the festival ground. This three-days-long festival can be combined with the desert Safari and Jaisalmer sight-seeing tour.

Kutch Rann Mahotsav 

The recently started festival bgins with the formation of the white salt carpet called the Rann of Kutch in the month of December. The event continues for almost three months giving you an opportunity to splurge of some handcrafted arts and textile of Kutch. Staying near the white desert in the traditional Kutchi huts called ‘Bhungas’ while witnessing the setting sun painting this white canvas in shades of orange is a must-have experience in a lifetime. The festival can be combined with the local sight-seeing of Dholaveera excavation site, Kalo Dungar and the Ghost town of Lakhpat.

Hornbill Festival in Nagaland

The age-old tribal dressed along with their painted face, some ornamental animal bones, tiger’s tooth, and their hunting equipments look fierce at the first sight. However, their war dance, tribal music and performances make Hornbill Festival famous among the people of every age. People love experiencing the village life of Nagaland by staying in huts and eating the local food during the festival.

Makarsankranti in Gujarat

The International Kite Festival held as a part of Vibrant Gujarat event is awaited even by the international tourists and kite experts. You can see the kites of every size, colour and designs soaring high in the bright blue winter sky. On 14th of January, every household in this First World Heritage City of India echoes ‘Kaipo chhe’ in the loudest voice. The Gujaratis cook their special dish called ‘Undhiyu’ on this day and even most of the restaurants serve this spicy delicacy full of freshly harvested vegetables and grains. Makarsankranti is the time for you to enjoy the vibrant culture of Gujarat and its delicious food. This can be combined with your Gujarat Sigh-seeing Tour.

Garba Festival, Vadodara, Gujarat  

It is said that Gujaratis’ love for garba is so crazy that they can do garba even in a rock concert. Well, Garba festival is aptly known as the Sunburn Festival of Gujaratis. The girls and boys of Gujarat recreate the mythological Raas Leela of Shri Krishna by performing the graceful dance in huge circles. The flamboyant costumes and the gujarati folk songs would also make you want to join those garba circles. The United Way of Vadodara is internationally famous for its most traditional way of celebrating this festival. Don’t be surprised on seeing even the foreigners matching their steps with the locals here.


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Most Underrated Beaches in India

Most Underrated Beaches in IndiaAlong the 7,516 km long coastal line of India, we unknowingly choose only a few of the most famous beach destinations forgetting about the scope of better beaches. Most Indians and foreigners would choose only the best beaches on the western coast of India. However, there are a number of beautiful beaches in India which are totally underrated despite their enchanting beauty and soothing serenity. Here is the list of some the underrated Beaches in India.

Maravanthe Beach, Karnataka

For the locals of Karnataka, this beach is a gem of the state but for most people around the country, Gokarna is the end of beach surfing. Located at a few kilometers of distance from Gokarna towards Mangalore, this special beach runs along a fresh water river. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it the wonder of nature. The fresh green water of the river and the foamy sea waves meeting at the thin line of land is a not-to-be-missed dramatic view on your journey to the Coastal Karnataka.

Betalbatim and Velsao Beach, Goa

From the famous north Goan beaches to some of the popular ones in the south are always flocked by the tourists are developed into beach market. The beauty and serenity are now left only at not so popular beaches like Betalbatim and Velsao. The best part about these beaches is their proximity to little Goan villages that offer you an untouched Goan culture and lifestyle. If you wish to escape the crowd then hey, you have found your perfect destination in South Goa.

Mararikulam Beach, Kerala

This sandy beach flanked by the coconut trees would surely remind you of Asia’s most beautiful Radhanagar Beach. The shacks, huts and the luxury resorts make it all the more beautiful. Though most tourists in Kerala like to stick to Varkala and Kochi, Mararikulam has secretly stepped into the ‘most-favourite’ list of many who have witnessed its beauty. Thus, for a beach side Kerala, you must include Mararikulam in your Kerala itinerary.

Mandarmani , West Bengal

Many people outside Bengal would have hardly heard of this hidden gem of the state. This beach, carpeted with white sand, is no different from any of the wild, exquisite beaches of Thailand. Fishermen’s boats anchored with the backdrop of tall coconut trees and the red crabs flocking around sums up the beauty of this beach village of Mandarmani .

Diveager Beach, Maharashtra

Overlooked by the hills of Raigadh, Diveager beach is located on the way to Goa from Mumbai.  The surrounding silhouette of hills, green patches and the fishermen’s boats make this beach a scenic spot. Most travellers plan to pass by Diveager village beach for the sandy shore spread for kilometers is a blessing during a long journey. This beach has also become the bikers’ favourite for the same reason.

Chandipur Beach, Orissa

This special beach is famous for its ‘vanishing phenomenon’ wherein the sea disappears for a few hours. This paves way for the marine life lovers to take a peek into the life of the creatures that stayed behind in shallow waters on the beach.  You can also enjoy various water sports and then enjoy some delicious local seafood. The missile testing site of DRDO is located right on this beach, so on a day of testing this beach becomes an arena to watch the spectacular view.

Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Vizag or Vishakhapattanam in Andhra Pradesh has somehow never made to the most popular destinations in India despite its crystal clear beaches with awe-inspiring views. The Yarada beach is one such spot that lets you soak in the winter sun peacefully without much of the hustle-bustle of a normal beach situation.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

A secluded beach, presenting a dramatic vista of panoramic landscapes, is located around 8 km away from Pondicherry. Proving true to its name Paradise beach attracts a number of tourists every year. The travellers’ accounts are the proofs of this place being the best for beach sports or some leisure time under the flickering sunshine near the palm grooves. There is also a beach side bar to set you up for a lazy evening.

Kala Patthar Beach, Andaman

Located not so far from the most celebrated Radhanagar beach, Kala Patthar doesn’t get the much needed limelight. There is much more to this sandy beach which is often missed by the tourists to pay just a short visit to this unexplored beauty. Beyond the shadowy viewpoints and sparkling white sands lays a little paradise for adventure lovers. The black rocks or the sea cliff after which this beach has been named has recently become popular among the trekkers who climb over it for the never-seen-before view of the Havelock island.

Inspired to hop on these beaches of India? Well, then plan your journey now.